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10 Best Action Anime That Every Fan Would Enjoy!

10 Best Action Anime That Every Fan Would Enjoy!

by James Duya

These energizing action-packed anime will really make you stay put for more because the plots, riddled with drama will be compelling and the fights will be simply mind-blowing. So find yourself in each adventure from this list of shows, and have your life be colored by its vitality.

Anime like Full Metal Alchemist or Naruto will be featured on this list, so don’t miss the opportunity to check these out because the scenes will have you wish that you were in the show itself. Stories, where the protagonist is underestimated but reveals what they are truly made of, will empower you and will have you support the characters throughout all of their journeys.

The supernatural abilities of the characters in the shows, the machinery or their advanced skills they have will no doubt leave you amazed, and even kill to be like them. So I hope you enjoy these top picks from the list!


1. Hunter x Hunter 2011

Considered to be the greatest Anime of all time. All the characters are very real and it shows how truly powerful this show is by focusing not just on the main characters but all the minor characters as well. A show that is full of action packed sequence and will truly make you laugh and feel going through the end of the series.

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2. Dragon Ball Z

The unique story plot, character development, thrilling music made the show a legend. If you're looking for an action packed anime Dragon ball Z will impress you with its fighting sequence, power ups, and transformations.

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3. Naruto / Naruto: Shippuuden

The character development of Uzumaki Naruto from the beginning to the end will truly make you know why this show is very popular. From the fast paced fighting style, the unique art style of the show and all the other characters, as well as the villains, will make you understand the uniqueness of this long-running series.

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4. One piece

One of the most popular Anime ever. This Anime tells a story of Luffy searching the lost treasure of the One Piece. With the supernatural powers, sword fighting scenes and all the feels that this show has given, it's considered an action packed anime series.

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5. Fairy Tail

With the power of friendships and magic, Fairy Tale will give you great action scenes that will make you want to watch of all of it. Also, Natsu and the Fairy Tale squad will give an adventure that you'll never forget.

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6. Cowboy Bebop

The music is fantastic, great animation, exceptional fighting scenes, the setting, and its atmosphere making the show more realistic than ever, it's without a doubt considered a great anime series with all of its cool looking action scenes.

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7. Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

The deep mystery lies within the show is what makes us love it even more. Its art style is one of kind and especially the theme of the show. Shingeki no Kyojin is a well-known anime and considering its action sequence in each scene is one of the main reason it became so popular and making us hook in every episode.

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8. One Punch Man

Not your average anime series. One Punch Man rose to the top because of its hilarious story line and its fighting scenes, defeating every villain with one punch is why the reason why this show is very popular and hilarious.

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9. Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan

A show every action anime fan would love to see! The plot is very good, the show is very down to earth making it a more driven story line, the samurai fighting scenes and the old classic art style makes are the reason this show is very popular.

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10. My Hero Academia

A great shonen series with an energetic vibe from each episode. My hero Academia is following the foot steps of some of the greatest animes ever.

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