10 Things Strong Mothers Teach Their Daughters

by Elana

Whether your mom was a single mom or had a great life partner, her strength is a life-long gift to you as her child. Not only did she set examples of what you could be capable of but she guided you through life in ways unparalleled. No matter where she gathered her strength from, she used it to her every advantage and you were lucky enough to benefit, maybe in ways, you don't even completely understand. All too often we forget that some of our strongest qualities and best attributes are directly related to how we have raised and the courage our mothers lived their lives with.

Do these 10 things sound familiar? Did you learn these from your mother? Her strength will never stop giving to you.

1. She taught you the value of independence and you were a great student.

Your mom taught you that it doesn't matter what obstacles life dishes out at you, you are more than capable of tackling it all. Like Superwoman herself, you mother taught you that you don't NEED someone else to be successful or happy. You don't NEED anyone to provide for you or care for you, it's merely a bonus to have companionship. You learned that independence is a gift and that it can be a weapon that leads you to success of all things in life. You can raise children, clean your home, cook every day, and work the job of your dreams and you learned how capable you are because of your strong mother.

We can do it.

2. She taught you how to love yourself

Along with that independence and empowering strength your mom taught you, she snuck in an awful lot about loving yourself. She taught you that you know yourself better than anyone and that if something isn't right, you don't need it in your life. She taught you how to walk away from negativity and the people and situations that would only bring you down in life. She showed you perseverance, even when it seems like the whole world is against you, you know your worth because your mother showed you what you're capable of. She taught you that your failures and heartbreaks are not what defines you in life, but instead it is the character you put forth in this world. 

3. She taught you the value and meaning of unconditional love.

Your mother's smile is probably imprinted in your mind, a vision you'll never forget. Growing up you watched her sacrifice everything for you. Her time, energy, health, money, youth, and even alone time in the bathroom, all for you (and your siblings!) She only put her best foot forward for you, never complaining about her sacrifices and never boasting about them either. She didn't need to belittle anyone else's struggles or accomplishments to feel better about her own and she showed that courage to you every day. In everything she did, you mother taught you what unconditional love was and she showed you what sacrifice truly looked like, and no love will ever compare.

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4. She taught you how to be both strong and gentle simultaneously

No, you're not the perfect toilet paper but your mother did teach you a huge lesson in how to have a soft side without compromising your strength. All the while, your mother exuberated strength you knew she had a sensitive side, a gentle side.  Your mother would stay up all night taking care of you while you were sick and her strength got you through tough times, but she still had her moments where she herself would cry. Yet it never diminished her strength, if anything it was the ideal balance.

5. She taught you that it's not easy to be a woman

Don't misunderstand, one of your mother's greatest strengths came from the fact that she was a woman. But she made sure you knew that sometimes your opinion wouldn't matter... because you're a woman. She taught you that sometimes people would not take you seriously or that you would be underestimated. Then, after all that, she taught you that you don't have to tolerate it. She taught you to stand out in a crowd, demand your voice be heard, and to endlessly work to achieve your goals. She taught you that what does not kill you makes you stronger and she was right.

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6. She taught you to have no regrets and never look back.

Your mom clearly let go of all the "what if's" and "what could have been's" and it was a huge reason why she was as strong as she was. She taught you that anything you went through has value, no matter how upside down your life was turned, no matter how difficult it was, it had value. She taught you to see the value in everything and appreciate hardships for what they were. You learned from your mother than instead of wallowing in the past, to use it to your advantage. You can overcome any obstacle thanks to this valuable lesson.

7. She taught you about patience and faith.

Your mother really taught you the meaning behind the motto, "in the end everything will be OK, and if it's not OK, it's not the end." Whether she taught you to have faith in God, that he was looking out for you always, or to have faith in yourself and all you are genuinely capable of, she definitely taught you the value of faith. Patience through hardship, patience through struggles, hold on to the thought and hope that there is more out there. You are resilient because of her, and you believe it because of her.

8. She taught you how to master your own happiness

No matter how rough life is, no matter how much weight is on your shoulders (even if it's the weight of the whole world,) you can find happiness. There is light in your darkness and your mother taught you how to always find it, no matter what. Your mother taught you that there is always something worth smiling about and she taught you how to find it.

9. She taught you that no matter what she still knows more about love than you do.

No matter how the times change and no matter what life is like in the generations that separate you and your mother, this strong woman has you in her heart and your best interests are there with her. She doesn't want to see you heartbroken and she sees what you cannot. You may sometimes think she's meddling or doesn't know what she's talking about but she is always right. She knows. 

Moms resist this urge a lot.

10. Most importantly, she taught you how to be a good mother.

Your mother was the perfect role model. She led by example and you learned along the way. She showed you how to take care of and provide for a family. She showed you that hard work pays off, even if it's not how you pictured it. She showed you unconditional love. She taught you what it means to be strong and protective, loving and kind, as well as resilient and compassionate. Maybe you don't even realize it right now but you are following in her footsteps because she laid the groundwork, and truly you couldn't be more blessed.