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11 Stunning Pieces of Sailor Moon Jewelry You'll Need to Harness Your Moon Power

11 Stunning Pieces of Sailor Moon Jewelry You'll Need to Harness Your Moon Power

You may not be able to truly punish enemies in the name of the moon but you can still harness your moon prism power by rocking every single one of these Sailor Moon inspired pieces of jewelry! Let your inner Anime fan shine brightly as you seek justice with the solar system on your side!


1. Sailor Moon Senshi Cameo Velvet Choker

You'd definitely be ready to fight with the power of the moon wearing this around your neck.

via:Kawaii Kave

2. Sailor Moon Magical Girl Earings

Don't leave the house without the perfect Sailor Moon earrings, OK?


3. Tiara Rings

Get one for the whole squad! You and all your friends can each be a different flawless Sailor, rocking her own tiara ring. Love these!

via:Geek and Freak

4. Sailor Moon Circlet

No lies necessary, I need this in my life.

via:nerdy design

5. Babe with the power pin

Because who doesn't need a phenomenal pin to wear on their person? Bonus: it's affordable.


6. Sparkle Sailor Moon Bangle Bracelet

For when you just need something sweet and subtle to show off your moon power side.


7. Crisis Moon Compact Necklace

You know good and well you would look amazing in this Sailor Moon style necklace.

via:Shoujo Shop

8. Luna and Artemis Cat Collar Clips

If Luna and Artemis are your style then this is the accessory just right for you!


9. Luna Artemis Diana Necklace

I didn't know I could fall in love with a piece of jewelry but... I did.

via:Tokyo Bunni

10. Magical Girl Buttons

Nothing says punk rock moon princess like these Magical Girl Buttons.


11. Sailor Moon Watch Necklace

Complete your look with this stunning watch necklace! Girl power!