15 Rebellious Teenagers Grew Up And Their Before & After Photos Will Shock You

by Elana

Simply thinking about this subject matter has me thinking about my teenager days and how absolutely ridiculous I was. At one point I had not one, but two mohawks (AKA bihawks.) Needless to say, my mother was anything but amused. Today is a whole different story and naturally, I'm a little bit embarrassed by my former self, even if it was quite some time ago.

However, I'm not too "old" to sit back and laugh hysterically at these shocking before and after photos of other teens that outgrew their emo, punk, goth, and rebellious stages of life. No shame in their game as teenagers, it's at least pretty cool to see how much a few years and leaving high school can drastically change so very many details about oneself. 

1. From Emo to Army

Good job, fella. Good job, indeed.

via: Reddit

2. Goodbye Green!

She's got a plate-full of successful endeavors these days but that green hair pointed her in some fun directions.

via: Reddit

3. An interesting cycle:

She describes this as: emo, goth, emo... marketing consultant. Kudos.

via: Imgur

4. From guitar to gun

He went from playing some rad tunes with long hair to serving his country, proudly.

via: Imgur

5. From self-proclaimed stupid to successful stud

His younger years are well behind him.

via: Reddit

6. This was "never really a phase," she says.

But she is pretty successful, and she's rocking that teal hair!

via: Reddit

7. Drastic

She says she used to make fun of anyone who listened to Britney Spears but now that's her main music squeeze. She's also well on her way to her Ph.D. so don't judge that angst-filled teenage book by its cover.

via: Reddit

8. All grown up with his big-boy job.

He's a tax consultant. I bet his teenager hair didn't see that coming.

9. From rawr to rowdy.

This guy got a haircut and became a fireman. He's pretty proud of himself!

via: Reddit

10. Ten, Short Years

In just 10 short years this gal did pretty much everything she said she'd never do. She's a mom, a manager, and a wife.

via: Reddit

11. The Mortician

Yeah, you read that right. That creepy emo kid grew up to be a gorgeous student, preparing to become a mortician.

12. "Dog and Tina"

From 1985 to 2015, these two look like they grew up but never really lost the edge that made them unique and cool to begin with.

13. How much has changed?

This fella says his before and after have only a couple of differences, one being now he's preparing to enter fatherhood. How much has he changed? Not much.

via: Reddit

14. From 9th grade student to 9th grade Teacher

She's using her past to teach the future.

via: Reddit

15. This couple went from emo to sweet.

These two have certainly come a long way since they first met.

via: Imgur

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