15 Rebellious Teenagers Grew Up And Their Before & After Photos Will Shock You

by Elana

Simply thinking about this subject matter has me thinking about my teenager days and how absolutely ridiculous I was. At one point I had not one, but two mohawks (AKA bihawks.) Needless to say, my mother was anything but amused. Today is a whole different story and naturally, I'm a little bit embarrassed by my former self, even if it was quite some time ago.

However, I'm not too "old" to sit back and laugh hysterically at these shocking before and after photos of other teens that outgrew their emo, punk, goth, and rebellious stages of life. No shame in their game as teenagers, it's at least pretty cool to see how much a few years and leaving high school can drastically change so very many details about oneself. 

1. From Emo to Army

Good job, fella. Good job, indeed.

via: Reddit

2. Goodbye Green!

She's got a plate-full of successful endeavors these days but that green hair pointed her in some fun directions.

via: Reddit

3. An interesting cycle:

She describes this as: emo, goth, emo... marketing consultant. Kudos.

via: Imgur

4. From guitar to gun

He went from playing some rad tunes with long hair to serving his country, proudly.

via: Imgur

5. From self-proclaimed stupid to successful stud

His younger years are well behind him.

via: Reddit

6. This was "never really a phase," she says.

But she is pretty successful, and she's rocking that teal hair!

via: Reddit

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