16 Incredible Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

by Elana

The world really is such an interesting place. From strange laws to physics, our minds are constantly in a position to be challenged and to think about things differently. We have the Internet today and everything it offers, which is basically everything in the world you could ever need or want to know. However, sometimes narrowing down all that random and fascinating information is kind of difficult so we took the time and opportunity to pull together some facts you're better off tucking away in your brain today. You'll be fascinated by some of the things you'll learn!

1. Just call me Pooh

Honey is delicious.

2. My favorite part of the day:

Is when I drink dinosaur molecules, duh.

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3. News about owls:

They're intelligent enough to keep pets. Love it.

4. Excuse me...

It's time to charter a spaceship.

5. Mama dolphins:

More like mama goals.

6. Pandas?

Don't men also do this?

7. Little rascals.

People have always been inappropriate.

8. Poor doggo.

No wonder he stares at me all upset-like.

9. Beautiful AND delicious.

Just like me. Just kidding... but seriously this corn is really pretty.

10. Ok, cool

I'm just going to have nightmares tonight, thanks.

11. Learning like a gamer

Mario, you have fooled us for decades. Thanks.

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12. Bang-band.

Now this is what I call life goals.

13. There is solidarity in community.

How cool is it that these girls are born into such a fun celebration?

14. She was so close to being a fashionista

I mean you know, a modern one.

15. Way to go, FBI

We're pretty thrilled by this one.

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16. Well...

That's kind of depressing.

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