45 People Who Were Accused Of Lying After Telling These Terrifying Stories

by Ayoub

People only believe what their minds can grasp and what they've already experienced, that's why they will call bullsh*t on any story that involves a supernatural factor or just something unexplainable in general, and that's reasonable since you can't really know for sure if people are lying or not, and you shouldn't just fill your head with banalities that might or might not even be real.
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1. spish

Another car with the same license plate as mine.

2. Donmartini

I used to take a shortcut through a field to get to work (I live in Ireland) anyway lying in the middle of this field was a dead penguin.

3. Rule7

Went to a movie and the projector broke. Me and my friends left and I had a flash of a car accident in my brain. I told them jokingly. 10 minutes later we were T-boned by a drunk driver. Still barely believe it myself. But it is true.

4. motaib

I’ve never been much for sports but one day in Middle School I was leaving the gym from P.E, everyone else was already out in the hallway. I’m about 3/4s of the way down one end of the basketball court when I absentmindedly toss a basketball over my head towards the basket on the other end of the gym.
I think to myself: “NO. FUCKING. WAY.” and walk out. I’ve never spoken of this for fear of being called out on BS.

5. Godzillalovesnutella

I once had a dream in 4th grade that I woke up from bed, got dressed, and continued on with my day in the dream, and then saw a black van zooming towards me and then I woke up. Same exact small events happen in the real day, and a black van zooms past me right as I was going to cross the street. This affected me throughout the 4th grade, and I barely talked to anyone. I was too amazed and horrified about the theory that I just died and “respawned” like in a video game. I still freak out when I think about it.

6. zorggi3

When I was around 4, I had a Barbie doll that I loved to play with and take with to bed. I remember carrying it around with me everywhere. One night, I’m turning over to go to bed, and I see that my doll’s eyes are glowing green. I freak out, and drop the doll, and it rolls underneath my bed. I go to sleep after that. The next morning, I wake up, check underneath the bed for my doll…and it’s not there. I can’t find it anywhere. I never saw that doll again. The older I get the freakier I realize that was. Younger me just wrote it off as a loss. I had cartoons to watch, cereal to stuff my face with.

7. meepham

My son had one of those brainy baby activity toy things. It started making noises when no one was touching it i just figured the batteries were going. One night I was up late and it starts doing its thing making noises and whatnot. I thought it was kind of funny if i said something to my husband the toy seemed to respond. The thing was designed that after a period of inactivity it would say where did you go and turn off. That night it said Where did go? so we freaked and threw it away.

8. Perrrin

This wasn’t me, but my little sister (who would have been around 4-5 at the time) tells my parents she saw my great-grandmother in our living room window while we are playing outside. Not until later that night do my parents find out that she had passed away earlier that day.

9. jack_of-all_trades

Floating blobs of glowing jelly lights in the sky one night. They were dancing. I though it was ghosts/aliens which was kind of freaky so I shouted for my Dad to come and look. He seemed freaked. The next day when I mentioned it, he dismissed it like it wasn’t real and it was just artificial lights from something.

10. lobolita

My Dad after he died. I was dealing with some family stuff, trying to figure out the line between reverence for my family and not letting them screw me over (for funeral planning stuffs – they’re religious and my Dad wasn’t, blah blah blah). I only saw him briefly, but I smelled his cologne and that god-awful Original Listerine that he was obsessed with. He didn’t say anything but I felt calm and suddenly had all the funeral-planning answers to my problem afterwards.

11. YoungstromLogan

I’ve been seeing my dog in my house quite often. Usually at least once a week. She’s been dead and buried in my back yard since august. Every time I see her she’s stationary and not moving, but looking at me. I always tell her “Matty I love you but you have to go back! Go back!” I tremble of course because I’m scared shitless each time, but when I blink she’s gone.

12. mrevergood

Setting: Robertsdale, Alabama. I was shooting my dads recurve bow one day at a little target I’d placed about 30 yards in front of me. Eventually tired of it, and due to the rain, hopped under their porch and just stared into their neighbor’s field. Saw some deer exit the woods. Pretty cool. I like wildlife, and I hunt, so deer sightings are always good, even if just to watch how they move and work together to keep an eye out for each other. Suddenly, I notice them looking into the woods, spook, and begin to walk away quickly. A MOTHERFUCKING PANTHER jumps out of the goddamned woods, and as the deer begin to run off, ANOTHER MOTHERFUCKING PANTHER comes out and gives chase.
According to my dad, Alabama has no panthers. They all supposedly died out or some shit years ago.

My ass.

13. yumenonaka

I was walking down my driveway, it was late at night and my parent’s had asked me to go check the mail since everyone seemed to have forgotten to do it sooner. As I stroll past my dad’s car, from inside, I see this ghostly white face of a girl and her hand come rushing up against the window, like she was trying to charge at me and grab me.

14. MrsGigi

I worked at a special needs group home when I was a teenager. One of the guys I worked with couldn’t talk… But GUYS I SWEAR TO GOD one day when the place was empty he looked right at me and said, “Hello, darling.” Nobody believed me. I swear it happened. My coworkers joked about it for ages. Even got a shirt from them all for Christmas that said “hello, darling.”

15. JaDinklageMorgoone

A freakin’ werewolf man. My baseball team and I in high school had a team camping trip. I had to piss and went to the river to leak the purple vein cane. Anyway, I look across and see what looked like a big doggish thing. Then not 2 seconds later it gets up on 2 legs, and runs the fuck away. I’m not sure what I saw, but I’m pretty sure it was Sirius Black.

16. birdman204

My second roommate out of High School used to do a line of cocaine before he went to bed almost every night and he slept like a baby.

17. InventedTheFoon

When I was real small, not sure how young but pretty sure it’s my earliest thing I still remember I had a coloring book that I colored over half the pictures in it using crayons and remember spending ages to try keep in the lines but one day I open it and none of the pictures had been colored in. I’m still confused about it this day, I’m so sure it’s the same book and everything because I remember a tear on the second page.

18. Noeych

I live on the second story of my apartment building and one night my dog came into my room and licked my face so I could take her outside. As I was getting up I felt really uneasy for some reason. I live with my girlfriend and she was at work at the time. I went outside with my dog and took her around the block. As I was approaching my building, my dog started barking. I looked up at my bedroom window and saw someone peeking out from behind the curtain. I thought to myself that maybe my girlfriend came home early from work so me and the dog excitedly came upstairs. I called out to my girlfriend and there was no answer. I walked into my room and it was empty. The apartment was empty and my girlfriend didn’t come home for another hour.

19. scottyrobotty

I was driving near a soybean field. I glanced to my right and saw a butterfly sitting on the top of a bean plant flapping its wings. I could see it as clear as if it were inches away. I could see the veins in its wing markings. Suddenly my vision zoomed out and I realized that this butterfly was a couple hundred feet away.

20. WanksInYourBed

I know this is ridiculous, but here goes anyway. I’m pretty sure that when I was around 4 or 5 years old I was able to levitate up stairs. Only a few steps at a time, but yeah. I didn’t realize that it wasn’t normal and actually thought it was easier to just run up the steps.

21. arcadefire111

Pretty sure I saw Jim Morrison of The Doors 4 years ago, at a small, family-owned restaurant in western North Carolina.

22. Pointer1VB

Bill Murray stole $20 from me. Not in the sense that I saw a bad movie of his and decided he owed me for my time and money spent, but that he actually grabbed a $20 bill from my hand, put it in his pocket, said the words “no change” and went on his merry way. Whenever I tell someone they give a patronizing “oh sure he did.” The only person that will back me up is my brother because he was actually there.

23. MountainDerp

When I was small I swear I could breath underwater. I don’t know how to describe the feeling. It felt so normal.

24. Yalith

I live in rural Canada. Once, while on a long car trip across the province, a black panther crossed the highway in front of my car and leaped into the woods on the other side. It was far enough away that I didn’t have to slam on the brakes, but close enough that I had to come to a full stop. It was pretty surreal.

25. DisasterSoup

When I was really little like 3 or 4 my mom had to leave for work early in the morning around 4AM or so. Anyway one day she apparently came in to kiss me and stuff before she left and apparently I just got up and kept saying for her to stay and stuff like that (I had no memory of it later on) and I got her to stay for like 10 minutes or so extra and then she left.On her way to work she saw a huge pileup accident on her route and if she had left at the normal time then she would have been in the crash too.

26. kheroth

I swear to god my dog did a full backflip, out of nowhere, just sitting in the yard. No one would listen because I smoke weed.

27. AmateurPhysicist

(Not something I saw, but my grandmother and aunt witnessed it just hours before my grandfather passed away.)
My grandfather died of mesothelioma about two and a half years ago. He went into a coma for the last twelve hours of his life, but just before that, his face lit up, he said “Daddy” and he smiled. Just after that he fell into a coma. We all believe that he actually saw his father (he died around 1967-ish) come down from heaven to let him know he’s about to go.

28. penelope264

Driving around 1am through university grounds, very forresty/vegetated when out of nowhere, a fox (which are rare in the area) carrying a damn miniature suitcase in its mouth trotting along the foot path as if casually going to work. My boyfriend at the time and I both saw it and no one believed us.

29. unclebadtouch69

I saw several people riding horses in monkey masks next to the road when driving through Lancaster, PA.


30. MC_Baldie

I was around maybe 5 or 6 when I’m relatively positive I saw a UFO fly over our backyard. I was standing next to the pool and looked up when this massive circular object flew right over the top of the yard. It had these bizarre orange/white colored lights that were around the edges of the circle. Anyways, I told somebody once and they pretty much treated me like an idiot so I just kind of gave up on mentioning it.

31. Reecova

I chat rouletted with Snoop Dogg. How do I know it was Snoop? Because I’ve seen snoop on TV, magazines, Internet, concerts hundreds of thousands of millions times. It was Snoop, and I know it was.

32. ImaTimeTravellerAMA

I was out (somewhat illegally, given we weren’t wearing bright orange, nor did we have hunting licenses) hunting in the woods in Maine with a friend, and we witnessed an execution. Like, two dudes with pistol shooting a guy with a bag over his head five times in the chest, then leaving.

33. Shark4760

I’ve had dreams of things happening weeks or months before they happen. I remember someone’s presentation on Nefertiti before they gave it; I had been to an Anime Convention before we had even rented the hotel room. It’s kind of freaky but I wish it happened more, it hasn’t happened in awhile.

34. illap

My brother who was 13 at the time and shared a room with me when I was 6. I woke up and saw a white bear walking around my bed so tried telling my brother and I booked it to my parent’s room and spent the night there. 16 years later I’m reunited with my brother, we are having a couple of drinks and I mention that memory. His face turned white and he tells me he remembers that night. I woke him up trying to get his attention; being a teenager he ignores me until he heard me run out of the room. He put on his glasses and saw the white bear I saw, he also booked it and ran to my parents bedroom. I’ve always wondered what that represented and what it was.

35. afkurzz

My buddy and I were looking for a new apartment to rent. We’re checking out this one place and I notice there’s a trap door in the kitchen. So we opened it up to check out what was down there. There was a small flight of steps into a room. The room was tiny but each wall was covered in shelves full of baby dolls. Being someone who had recurring nightmares of Chucky and Slappy as a kid, I noped out of there as fast as possible. The realtor didn’t have a clue about the room.

36. skimble-skamble

I was once driving through the Midwest and saw a chicken standing on a goat standing on a cow.

37. jakescript

I saw a UFO, it was about 5pm and I saw a figure shaped kind of like a big ass triangle with orange lights fly by. It had no sound and was probably only 500 feet in altitude.

38. enthusiasticnod

A kangaroo hopping through the Kmart parking lot in Arkansas. My mom and grandmother and I all saw it, and many years of people telling us we were crazy later we found out that a resident of the apartment buildings behind the store had a kangaroo confiscated from them that same year.

39. Kibonnu

My mother told me that when I was three, I walked into the kitchen while she was preparing dinner and stared straight up at the ceiling, exclaiming, “There’s a door there.” Then, when my little brother turned three, he walked into the kitchen while my mother was preparing dinner and did the exact same thing. It was neither the first nor the last unexplainable occurrence to take place in that house. I’m glad I don’t live there anymore.

40. TheOstrichking

When I was in 6th grade I was walking my dog at my grandpa’s house, which is really wooded and isolated. As we were crossing a clearing between the trees I hear a loud screech from above. When I look up I see a GIANT bird. As in the wingspan was probably 20 feet and it looked like a pterodactyl straight from the dinosaur books. And the really scary thing was that I looked at my dog and it was following it with her eyes too while she was jumping around and freaking out.

41. breaking_bat

When I was 7 years old, I peeled a banana and I saw my name carved in it in such a beautiful way. The outer layer was not even scratched and I was pretty sure it was not peeled before either. So I told my parents and they thought I was joking and that I wrote it or something. Nobody believes it. It still boggles my mind till today.

42. k8ryn_roy

Twice in the past month I’ve seen random puffs of smoke appear in front of me, coming from my chest area. Part of me thinks it might be the ghost of my favorite aunt who recently died from lung cancer, but another part of me thinks I may have a tumor.

43. The_Thought_Police

I once saw a boy bleed. It was green blood. Even typing it makes me look crazy.

44. Ronqui-qui

My cousins died recently in a motorcycle accident. Before anybody knew anything the daughter of one of them woke up and said “Miguel and Danny came up to me last night and said they loved me but that they have to go, they said they’ll always be watching” minutes later they received a call and found that they had died earlier that morning.

45. mcggjoe

Probably too late, but I was staying at my mom’s cousin’s house. My mom needs a white noise machine to sleep, and when my mom woke up the next day she told me that it was saying her name faintly. I didn’t believe her so the next day I used it and the fucker started saying eerily hello to me. My moms cousin said he heard it before but didn’t want to tell my mom, incase she couldn’t here it.