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9 Sailor Moon Facts That You Should Know About

9 Sailor Moon Facts That You Should Know About

by James Duya

We are a big fan of Sailor Moon so we are happy to share with you the facts of the beloved show. The facts are mind-blowing and very enlightening above all. Fans of the show will take delight in the tidbits and gain more knowledge about the show in the process. Without further ado, we present to you pieces of information that will hopefully broaden your perspective on the show as much as it did ours!


1. Sailor Venus is cursed to find any love

During her solo adventure she faced a foe called Kaitou Ace and cursed her as he died, telling her she would never find love.

2. Usagi's Family is Named After the Creator's Family.

All the members, including Usagi herself, are named after Naoko Takeuchi's own family members.

3. The "Damsel" in Distress.

He has been kidnapped and brainwashed more than any other character in the series.


4. Sailor Moon with Pink Hair In Early Designs Of The Show

The pink hair was designed earlier in the show but was later changed to become blonde.

5. Sailor Moon SuperS Movie was Nearly Called Sailor Uranus and Neptune Movie.

Kunihiko Ikuhara proposed the Sailor Moon SuperS Movie should see the focus shift to Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune.

6. Luna and Artemis are Aliens from the show

Luna and Artemis are both from the planet Mau


7. Each Sailor Senshi had her Own Castle In the Manga

Sailor Moon's Moon Castle was only ever seen in the manga

8. Sailor Moon was Based on Power Rangers.

Naoko Takeuchi created her own female inspired team of Superheroines in Sailor Moon after seeing the Power Rangers blow up!

9. American Remake

In 1995 an American remake was bound to happen but due to bad reactions of the audience it was cancelled.