10+ That Prove How Much We Adore Dogs

by Mikayla

Do you love dogs? Of course, you do, that's why you're here. Well I do too, and that's how I know that those fluffy, bumbling, canines are the root of all humanities happiness, and we need to cherish them. Luckily most other humans know that too, and treat their dogs like kings and queens. They pamper them, buy them toys, take them on walks or long rides in the car, and just love all up on them all the time. That's how a dog's life should be!

While we get to treat them with the life of luxury, they also treat us by being so adorably fun and more often than not, a little bit stupid too (but that's why we love them!) So check out these tweets below and see crazy dog people in their best moments, or compare them with your craziest dog-loving act.

1. Sorry, I was looking at your...

2. Pups need transport too

3. Everyone's invited!

4. I would love to meet Mike!

5. Catchy tune...

6. BEST GAME 2018

7. The definition of forbidden love.

8. Wrong Beethoven

9. Why would I look at you with manners like that?

10. Future Goals.

11. That's the biz for you...


15. The house can be rebuilt but where's my DOG!?

14. You're Hired!

15. Dirty little secrets...

16. No offense.

17. Someone call Victoria Secret!

18. Man, I saw so many DILP's today.

19. Mdogs

20. I've never wanted to hold a baby until this moment...