Nine Sensible Tips And Tricks Heard From Millionaires That Everybody Can Benefit From

by Kailee

Though becoming a millionaire seems to be completely unrealistic to most people, research shows that more than fifty percent of millionaires are self-made. While their advice certainly won't guarantee that you will make your first million overnight, it is definitely worth reading, in the hope that it will help you get that much closer to your dream purchase, whether that be a holiday around the world, a sports car, or that beautiful house that you've had your eye on.

From managing your budget into three categories (living essentials, personal spending and savings), living well below your means, or even making your money work for you through investments, this list may help you create some healthy financial habits to help you work towards financial success. 

1. Divide your budget by 50/30/20 - 50% allocated to living essentials, 30% allocated to personal spending, and 20% allocated straight to savings.

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2. Buy what you USE in bulk, and on sale. Though it may be more expensive in the short-term, this becomes an immediate return on your money in the long run

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3. Don't use credit cards. The money saved on interest by not having debt is better than almost any return from the stock market.

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4. Try to buy direct from manufacturers. If you need, suggest friends to order together by motivating them with the comparatively lower prices.

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