This Sultry Australian Cosplayer Is Killing It With Her Detailed Costumes

by Elana

At some point in the 1990's the idea of cosplay blossomed and exploded and has only grown since. Globally, you can catch a cosplay convention in just about any major city you can imagine and while there you will see hundreds, if not thousands of individuals in costumes featuring characters ranging in significant variation from your favorite Disney movies to iconic or even long-forgotten video games. Plus, everyone's favorite: anime. While any degree of cosplay is impressive and worthwhile (and fun) there are always a few artists out there who really stand apart from the crowd with their skill and dedication to the characters they master.

In comes Nic, or Nichameleon, a 23-year-old gal from Australia who says she is obsessed with cosplay and it's pretty safe to say that obsession has served her well because she is incredible at it! On her patreon, Nichameleon says:

Cosplay is my passion! I love it so much, if I could eat it, I would... but I can't, so I make things instead! I absolutely adore creating cosplays, bringing characters I love an admire to life!

While Nichameleon also enjoys "patting dogs, napping, and eating watermelon," it is clear that her passion has driven her to become an incredibly talented force in the cosplay community and we are stoked to share with you today.

Mera, Queen of the Sea

Following her social media, it's clear that her Mera cosplay is one of her favorites. It's definitely one of ours, too!

Katniss Everdeen

Nichameleon busted this cosplay out for Sydney Supanova!


An incredible Incredibles cosplay, right?

Here is another glance at Violet

We especially love the display of Vi's superpower!


This incredible Star Wars cosplay is probably one of my favorites.


In a photo session for "CosplayBuzz," Nichameleon nailed this Mother of Dragons cosplay!


But that wasn't the only time Nichameleon has done a phenomenal Daenerys! Her work is loaded with a spot on cosplay of this Game of Thrones character.

Cave Woman

This Wilma Flinstone inspired cosplay is a favorite of Nichameleon's!

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