This Amazing Cosplayer Can Become Any Disney Character He Desires, And He's Really Nailing The Facial Expressions

by Ayoub Mask

The Cosplay world mostly consists of females, and since that's what most people are obsessed with, the free market always provides. This time, we have a male cosplayer called Jonathan Stryker, the cosplays you're about to see were originally part of 'Disney week', a segment Jonathan throws for his fans on social media. He really managed to bring these characters to life, and they look even way better than we expected.

Stryker has been part of the cosplay scene for well over ten years! During that time he managed to develop some ridiculously good skills that you can see quite obviously in his Disney makeovers.


1. Flynn Rider

2. Kuzco


3. Milo

4. Tarzan


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