These Amazing Photographs of Historical Figures Will Shock You

by Alexandra

Throughout history, there have been so many individuals who have left a lasting impact on this world. Through music, politics, and many other things, we have been introduced to some of the most interesting and talented individuals on the planet. While we may have never been able to be in the same room with any of these people, we have photographs to remember them and their legacy by.

You can tell a great deal from a photograph ranging from details of a person's physical appearance you never noticed before to what that person enjoyed doing the most. Throughout this gallery of historical photographs, ranging from Bob Marley to Audrey Hepburn, you will be mesmerized by the historical events and people that were captured. 

The inspiration behind the film "Shrek" was an individual named Maurice Tillet, who worked as a semi-professional wrestler in Russia

Bob Marley with his son Damien's mother, Cindy Breakspeare

Led Zeppelin's founder, Jimmy Page, performing with the group in the 1970's

Marilyn Monroe at the young age of 12!

An early image of sorority sisters in the 1940's at the University of Texas

Grace Kelly, who eventually went on to become a princess, on vacation in Jamaica

Clint Eastwood riding a skateboard in Rome in the early 60's

Actress Sigourney Weaver enjoying a hot dog

12-Year-Old Jodie Foster on the set of "Taxi Driver"

Julie Newmar, the first Catwoman ever!

Famous martial artist Bruce Lee seen here with a beard in the 60's

via: Reddit

Accomplished actress Goldie Hawn seen here enjoying a burger

via: Vogue

The talented Dona Drake pictured here in the 1940's

This photo of 2 young girls hitchhiking shows how common it was in the 70's

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Ava Gardner and Burt Lancaster doing acro-yoga in 1946

This photograph is of a Mestiza de Sangley woman in 1875

A photograph of Mohandas Gandhi, the leader of the Indian independence movement while India was under British rule

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Audrey Hepburn having some fun in the late 1960's

This photograph of actress Bessie Love was taken in 1919 but looks like it could have been taken in the 60's

The beautiful Farrah Fawcett practicing before the "Battle of the Stars" match

Jack Nicholson and Nancy Smith, both famous individuals, at their senior prom in Ottowa City

Lynda Carter at the Emmy Awards in 1977

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Chester E. Macduffee standing next to his invention, a 250-kilo diving suit

Frances Densmore recording the music of a Blackfoot chief onto a phonograph

A photo of a very young Gary Busey in 1978

Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan pictured here shooting a scene for "Enter the Dragon" in 1979

A photo of Phil Collins playing with his band Genesis in the 1970's

This vintage photograph of Vegas showgirls in the 1950's

French automotive designer, Jean Bugatti, photographed here with the Bugatti Royale 'Esders' Roadster

Lynda Carter at the "Battle of the Stars" event in 1976

Sex symbol Mae West pictured here in 1930

Bobbi GIbb, the woman who disguised herself as a man to participate in the Boston Marathon in 1966

The opening of the Grand Canyon Diorama at Disneyland Park in in 1958

A picture of Elvis in 1956 at his first RCA Victor recording session in Nashville, TN

Neurologist Sigmund Freud pictured here getting a sculpture made of his head

Human rights activist Malcom X pictured here in 1964 at the London Airport

Helen Keller pictured here meeting the former first lady Grace Coolidge in 1926

Lynda Carter pictured here in the 1970's

Newspaper publisher William Randolph and his family photographed here in 1904

Frank Sinatra pictured here in a 1957 publicity portrait

Debbie Harry, the lead singer of Blondie, pictured here in 1976

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