This Photographer's Bedroom Project Sheds Fascinating Light On Americans

by Elana

Based out of Portland, Oregon, Barbara Peacock is an American photographer with a rather successful track record. Her latest project is a fascinating glimpse into the complexities of American culture and the vastly different personalities from all walks of life.

Taking intimate portraits of everyday Americans in their bedrooms all across the United States, Peacock shows us all how unique Americans can be. From friends of the author to strangers who have agreed to participate in finding a card left in a local shop, the project is every bit as fascinating as one could imagine.

1. Family Life

Family is a little bit messy but it's all love.

2. A little unusual

A little unique.

3. Comfort is a mindset

Sometimes a simple life and a cat are all you need. Sometimes it's not a matter of choice.

4. A little natural light

The best view in the city.

5. Your bedroom is what you make of it.

Sometimes the best room to plant your bed is the last room others would think of.

6. One of a kind

At least in the sanctity of your bedroom you can truly be yourself.

7. A quiet life.

Where do you think you'll grow old?

8. Not what you expected?

We make do with what we've got.

9. A happy place

A simple room and a simple dog, sometimes that's all you need.

10. Colors and Lights

Never grow up.

11. Purity

Where others are simple, some might be extravagant.

12. A whole lot of family.

Once you have a kid, you share your space.

13. Selfie

Your room is where you take the most selfies, isn't it?

14. A place to pray.

Your bedroom is often your sanctuary.

15. Simple magic

Find joy in the little things.

16. My room

Wherever you are, you make it your own.

17. It's all good here

So many may find solace in solitude but there is much joy in family life. Even if we spend a deal of it staring at our phones.

18. It may be small...

But it's mine.

19. It's not much

But all that matters is that you find your peace.

20. We have fun

Enjoy your space, sometimes it's all you've got.

21. Make due

It can be beautiful, no matter how small or simple.

22. Love our space

Sometimes you don't realize how many memories you make in your home, let alone your room.

23. So much light

There is a serenity in sunlight.

24. My space is my own

It can be anywhere, as long as it's yours. Right?

25. A quiet calm.

This is where we regenerate.

26. Find your freedom

Your bedroom is your safe place. Only there can you truly let it all out.

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