10+ Hilarious Examples Of How Americans, Australians, and Brits Are Just Completely Confused By Each Other

by Elana

Chances are until you've come into contact with someone from one of these countries, and you currently live in one of them as well, you operate under the not-so-brilliant assumption that since we all speak English that there is no communication barrier.

Well, if you have truly not figured it out by now I've got bad news for you: you may as well be learning a new language when you skip the giant pond we call an ocean to travel from one of these places to the next. 

And since the Internet has made it so very easy for us to communicate without the lengthy travels we are finding out at a quicker pace how little we have in common. However, that comes with an awful lot of hilarious moments no matter which one you call home.

Even more amusing are the misunderstandings and confusion that occurs between the three of us, so when we have an opportunity to connect and ask questions about our confusion hilarity was sure to ensue and it sure did. Have a look for yourself to learn how little the big three have in common between The United States, Great Britain, and Australia.


A debate gone wrong.

Just... not the way you would think.


Enjoy this WILD ride

But strap in, it's a good one.

I have a suggestion

Please can the rest of the world use bits instead? Pretty-please?

This is normal.

Every foreign person, ever, asks this at least once before leaving.


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