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Anime Through The Eyes Of Tumblr

Anime Through The Eyes Of Tumblr

by James Duya

Here are some relatable and humorous anime-related posts on Tumblr that will leave you smiling. Tumblr users usually give out insightful knowledge about the matter on hand, and this time the matter is anime. We find the posts relatable and cleverly put together.

From anime's like Naruto, Black Butler, Free, and much more, we can expect ourselves to be agreeing with each post and check if we are true fans if we are able to follow the references given. These would surely tickle your funny bone all the way to the end, take it from us!


1. Full Metal Alchemist Fan Would Know.

2. What is going one here?

3. That one friend.


4. We need to know!

5. We can all relate.

6. Girls?


7. That look will never change.

8. Bill pls.

9. If I were the Avatar.

10. We all have an Eren side.

11. The Old Razzle Dazzle

12. Nailed it!

13. Save him!

14. Always remember!

15. Very relateable

16. This is the anime!

17. That moment tho.

18. Bleach fans?

19. That one friend.

20. The struggle is real

21. Bless this post

22. Get it?

23. When mom isn't home

24. It just went there.

25. Feel old yet?

26. For the true fans!

27. My new life Motto

28. Kakashi be like

29. Anime on point

30. The Good o'l days

31. An anime about Obama? Yes Please!

32. Pretty sure

33. Nothing Wrong Squad

34. Telling the truth

35. Classy