10+ Hilarious Posts You Will Totally Relate To If You Happen To Be An Awkward Flirter

by Ayoub Mask

Flirting is a gift that a lot of people, unfortunately, don't have, and when you happen to be a bad at flirting every person you try to flirt with starts assuming that there's something wrong with you, while totally dismissing the fact that you just might be shy, or maybe this whole romantic social thing isn't your strong point.

When two people who are bad at flirting happen to stumble upon each other, that's when things get much more intense and cringier, these things are just unavoidable since most people aren't really that great at flirting, so they resort to improvisation which often ends up making things much worse.


Not again :(

Well that took a weird turn

It's pretty much inevitable

Too spooky

So romantic


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