Baby Boomer Gets Nasty On Her Own Room For Rent Post And Internet Does Not Let It Go

by Angie

Hooo-boy. I sure do love For Sale groups on Facebook. They are my literal favorite. Especially Wisconsin ones, like the one I've posted about before. 

So, here's one for a room for rent. Simple enough, and pretty cheap. Except you have to deal with Margolyn's rules, and they are pretty ridiculous. 

-No Smoking

-No Overnight Guests

-No Parties

-No Drinking

-Laundry ONLY on weekends

-No loud noise after 9pm


And the best part is that she fought with every single person who called out her ridiculous rules. Yes, it is as funny as you think it is. Read on below to enjoy all of the shade.

It all started with this ad for a room for rent.

Margolyn does not want you to drink.

She thinks a tent is the place you should live if you drink.

She also gets super defensive at someone who wasn't even fighting with her.

I'm still confused about her crayon comment

Ah, so this is why people who drink need tents.

Seriously though, this is Wisconsin...

Sweeeeeeeping generalizations

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