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18 Baby Photos That Went From Adorable To Oh No Real Quick

18 Baby Photos That Went From Adorable To Oh No Real Quick

Who doesn't love babies? Not many. Babies are adorable and one thing most parents love to do with their little bundles of joy is get some flawless photographic memories that will last a lifetime.

If you've never looked into it before, hiring a professional to capture your special memories is considered a worthy investment. A professional photographer is usually loaded with bags of tricks that make the lighting, mood, and setting look like it's straight out of a magazine and every parent loves a beautiful image of their precious baby! 

Unfortunately, babies do life to their own tune and are not always 100% on board with the grand ideas behind parents and photographers. Between the spit up, the pee, and especially the poo, there's so very many things that can go wrong. And as you can clearly see in these hilarious photos, if it can go wrong it probably will!

If you're a parent then this is the laughter you need to get through your day, to remind you that your kids aren't the only ones who are gross and you're not alone. If you're not a parent... well these photos might be considered birth control. 


1. Fire Missiles Now!

They're going places. Like the bathroom for a shower.

via:Abbie Rogers

2. he finally stopped pooping

But his compromise was not much better.

via:Dalia Drulia Photography

3. Smile for the camera!

Can we all just appreciate how content the baby looks WHILE he's pooping? Priceless.

via:Krissy Grant

4. Take it in stride!

That baby looks pretty pleased with himself and we love it.


5. Two kinds of priceless

Both with infinite value.

via:Keller Brash

6. Cool down.

He just couldn't help himself.


7. Surprise!

From serene to surprise and finally acceptance.... that is the path of fatherhood.

via:Peekaboo Photos

8. She was not prepared.

Her face says it all.

via:Brown Road Photography

9. "Golden Outtake"

All three faces: amazing.

via:S R Photography

10. Optimism

Clearly they've made the best of a poopy situation.

via:Peekaboo Photos

11. Parenting in a Nutshell

Literally everything about this photo is perfect. Dad is having a good laugh (because dads are relaxed like that,) Mom is *catching* the poop (because that's what moms do,) and the dog is clearly screaming, "you've got to be kidding me. I didn't sign up for this."

via:Alisa Sue Photography

12. It's basically still art.

We can't see dad's face but somehow we just KNOW he's laughing pretty hard.

via:Memory Portraits by Gigi

13. Take that, Dad!

Get used to it.

via:Bored Panda

14. Uncooperative Client!

Some babies just don't want their photo taken, I guess.


15. Whoops!

Can you tell at the moment this was taken that mom hadn't figured it out yet?

via:Awkward Family Photos

16. Baby had plans.

His plans included adding spit up to the photo, for texture of course. I'm sure.

via:Bored Panda

17. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed

He's pretty stoked with himself, clearly.

via:Fima Photography

18. That's a LOT of poop.

Maybe a diaper at the beach wouldn't have been such a bad idea afterall...