This Horse's Bad Hair Cut Is Funnier Than Your Worst Bad Hair Day

by Elana

When Reddit user btssmgss32412 posted about a horse and a haircut, no one knew just how ridiculous it could be. First of all, horses look awesome with mustaches. Second of all, I didn't know that a horse could even require a haircut. And lastly, I didn't know that people could mess them up so bad! One thing is for sure, though, the other users on Reddit had an absolute field day when they saw the photo.

Captioning his post, he said:

Dad cut a horse's hair at the barn. Everyone was pissed. Didn't fully understand why until I got this photo from my mom...

1. Ellen the Horse

...And the world's worst haircut.

via: Reddit

If you've managed to resist the urge to choke on your own laughter so far don't get comfortable because Reddit users had some of the best responses to the ridiculous photo that the Internet has ever seen.

User TrickySquid said:

Looking like die-antwoord

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Reddit user mothzilla's response? Flawless.


Now, once the laughter dies down for a few seconds inquiring minds want to know... Who is Ellen??

Is Ellen the horse? Your mom? The horse's owner? I'm so confused, but I still can't stop laughing at that haircut!

- Reddit user: tralalatralalaaaaa

Speculation ran rampant...

via: Reddit

Thankfully, OP came back to answer the frazzled user's and their frazzled questions. He explained  that the barn is a place where volunteers come to help out with rescue animals and his parents have their own horse that also lives there. However, Ellen is not their horse but OP's dad felt that Ellen seemed ruffled by her fabulous hairstyle and wanted to be a good citizen and help her out.

via: Reddit

Some users with horse knowledge chimed in and helped us all understand that as absurd and hilarious as Ellen's haircut is, there's nothing to worry about. It's likely that Ellen's bangs will grow back quickly.

Don't get any crazy ideas though, approaching a horse with scissors (especially one you don't know) could very easily end horribly. We don't suggest it.

(Don't do this while approaching horses.)

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