17 Posts That Shows Us What It Is Like When You Are Thirty

by Ella

When we were teenagers we grew up from playing with dolls and little cars around the house into puberty that made us have crushes, anger management problems, acne and a whole lot of other things we prefer not to talk about. 

The teenage years led us into the young adult stage where partying was a must and coffee drinking is a rule that can never be broken as nobody sane can live without coffee. 

You are young and pretty rocking the dance floors at night and slaving away in the day for minimum wage. It has taught us all some valuable lessons which we took into the thirties. 

Here we have children and husbands to look after while still cleaning the house and maintaining our sanity. It is difficult and tiring, I mean just look at these 17 relatable posts about being in your thirties. 


Please release me.


Peeing all the time is a problem and not just for pregnant woman.

Expectations are always better than reality.

Getting angry at anything and everything.


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