White Guy Shuts Down Black Woman In A Black Barbershop for Defending Kanye West

by Kailee

Kanye West has always been a topic of much discussion and debate. Hitting the headlines as of late, with his odd fashion choices, comments on slavery, and preference for right wing political figures, his fans have felt a mix of amusement and disappointment with his actions.

This particular Kanye conversation took place in a barbershop in Harlem, with a predominantly black clientele. Except for Tuesdays. Tuesdays has a "white dude". 

Tweeted out by Twitter user @RafiDAngelo, the tale of Kanye becoming the topic of heated debate comes to life, in which a brazen white dude throws his two cents into the matter in a black barbershop.

Twitter user @RafiDAngelo went to the barbershop as normal, not expecting one regular in particular.

Normally visiting the barbershop on Thursdays, he went in on the Tuesday, where one of the regulars is apparently a "white dude".

Meet "Chad".

He's not just white. He's "white white".

And here we go.

Kanye though? Really?

via: Tenor

"He's just going through some things"...

Nu-uh girl.

via: Tenor

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