Now We Can All See What Memes Were Like Before The Internet Existed

by Elana

These days who doesn't enjoy a good meme? We all have memes that make us giggle, chuckle, and laugh. I mean, there seems to be a meme genre for every kind of person out there? But honestly... Have you ever sat down and asked yourself, "what even is a meme?"

You may be surprised to learn that despite their Internet popularity, memes are nothing new to recent generations. 

Meme even has an official definition that kind of puts things into perspective:

- An element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, especially imitation.

- a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc., that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users.

Memes are an element of culture. Don't you feel all cultured now? But seriously, a stash from the 60's recently surfaced when an Imgur user shared a massive collection of hard copy memes of his father's generation. Today, his father is 82 years-old but his memes? Still gold. You may even say... old but gold.

1. The best part?

The weird looking bird none of us can relate to. 

via: Imgur

2. I just have one question:

Who made this copy?

via: Imgur

3. Awkward giggles

These types of jokes have always existed and always will. 

via: Imgur

4. Can we please make this one popular again?


via: Imgur

5. Having a job sucks.

And they've always made memes about it.

via: Imgur

6. Oh my...

Does this inspire you to save memes to share with your kids some day?

via: Imgur

7. Fancy Certificates

We could bring this one back...

via: Imgur

8. Taxes suck

Am I right?

9. Hey, a guy can dream...

And apparently guys have been dreaming for a long, long time.

via: Imgur

10. Turn that frown upside down, mister!

Or memes will force optimism on to ya!

via: Imgur

11. I like these secret codes

We should bring this meme back to reality.

via: Imgur

12. Well, well, well...

What do we have here?

via: Imgur

13. Don't give us ideas...

It used to be a meme, but people today kind of do stuff like this. Memes became reality. What does that say about our future...?

via: Imgur

14. Giggity

These jokes are full of classic innuendo and we love it.

via: Imgur

15. We've always had a dark sense of humor.

"We" being society.

via: Imgur

16. Meme-tastic!

Relatable content.

via: Imgur

17. Corruption

See? Corrupting things children enjoy for the enjoyment of adults is no a modern meme concept. Don't you feel better already?

via: Imgur

18. Beer > Women

Not that some people need a list but... they figured it out a long time ago.

via: Imgur

19. This is definitely one of the most clever

And we sure do appreciate it.

via: Imgur

20. Machinery

"Keep Cool," the original "Keep Calm."

via: Imgur

21. Still accurate.

I promise.

via: Imgur

22. The "F-Word."


via: Imgur

23. Lucky Dog

He sure is lucky!

via: Imgur

24. The Rules

I think my favorite one is at the bottom but they're all pretty good.

via: Imgur

25. See, a little word play goes a long way.

We can dig it.

via: Imgur

26. Priorities

Target changes everything.

via: Imgur

27. Evaluation with Attitude

More evaluations should go like this if you ask me.

via: Imgur

28. Why can't we just go back to the basics?

Keep it simple, stupid.

29. Phonetically Funny

Get it? Phonetics are great.

via: Imgur

30. Uh, Happy Valentine's Day?

You're giggling, don't lie.

via: Imgur

31. The Smartest Dog

Absolutely worth the read.

via: Imgur

32. The Reason

Everybody needs a reason.

via: Imgur

33. The Zodiac Meme

See, these are also not a modern concept!

via: Imgur

34. Relax!

It's just that easy.

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35. Have fun with this one.

Seriously, have at it.

via: Imgur

36. Taxes

The biggest joke of them all.

via: Imgur

37. The Sage and His Pupil


via: Imgur

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