Some of The Best And Most Popular Tweets That Broke The 50,000 Retweet Mark

by Mikayla

We all like to joke. We all like to laugh. We might have different senses of humor but generally, my ugly silent laugh is still your snort or chuckle. To prove this point, and to make your day a little bit better, here are some of the tweets from the last months that at least 50 thousand people found funny. 

That's right, over 50K people found these funny enough to retweet so why not share them with even more people and everyone's day that little, tiny bit happier? Take a look at the posts below because you're sure to find at least one you like, and make sure to share it with your friends, so that they can laugh too!


What about grey sweatpants makes them look SO GOOD

via: @wtvrose / Via Twitter: @wtvrose
via: @ricardojkay / Via Twitter: @ricardojkay


via: @shadesof666 / Via Twitter: @shadesof666
via: @Caleb__Eli / Via Twitter: @Caleb__Eli

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