10+ Super Sized Doggos Who Think They Are Teenie-Tiny Puppers

by Elana

The personality a dog has is not reflective of the package they come in. Far too often a small dog will yap, snap, and snarl with the heart of a lion while that 180lbs Great Dane thinks they fit in your lap on a lazy Sunday. It is often one of the personality quirks dog owners will remark on the most frequently: "This big lug thinks he's a lap dog!"

It would seem that the bigger the dog, the more snuggle-friendly the mentality, in many cases anyway! No matter how many times we lament, laugh, or spin tales of wow and woe about our big, brave doggos nothing compares to a picture of a big dog that thinks she is small.

Here's a doggo...

Just having a nice snuggle at his human's feet like an other dog. Well, no like any other dog, this one is 4x the normal size! He clearly doesn't know it, though.

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Bigger than life.

Bigger than chair.

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Who needs a water bowl anyway?

Not this gentle giant.

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Ballroom dancing for 2

Who better to dance with?

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Under all this floof there is still a large doggo

But the floof factor is maximum.

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In the future:

I suspect some dog owners will have to buy bigger couches.

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Plus sized doggo:

Can only be hugged lying down.

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Part dog, part magnificent lion...

Well, not really-really, but seriously this beast has a man like a wild animal.

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