10+ Bizarre and Hilarious Illustrations That Will Make Your Day, Probably

by Mikayla

If you need something to smile at then save this link because the adorable and funny Illustrations below are guaranteed to make your day. Spain-based artist, Nacho Diaz uses his talent to make every day (and the not so every day) things not only adorable to look at, but also funny and relatable. 

Things like dinosaurs, pufferfish, and broccoli have been remade to be cute little drawings with either sad-but-funny messages accompanying them or relatably hilarious captions that will make you want to show your friends.

Don't believe me? Check them out below and see what you think!

See more of his work at Naolito, Facebook, and Instagram


1. Well...


2. Aw! Poor Broccoli

3. This one's great

4. True


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