This Blind Woman Burst Into Tears After Seeing Her Guide Dog For The First Time In 8 Years

by Joanna

Sadly, Mary Sedgwick’s dream of becoming a doctor never came true. Forty-eight years old now, she was diagnosed with bilateral optic neuritis that causes visual impairment and blindness when she was around twenty-seven. Mary’s vision slowly declined over the years and in 2003 she was declared legally blind.

A fourth-year medical student when diagnosed, she was shattered when she could not continue practicing. Although Mary’s future was unraveling before her, her fears were put slightly at ease by the welcome of Lucy into her life. Lucy, a golden retriever guide dog, allowed Mary to slowly start appreciating life again, and the pair fast became best friends.

 This April, at the NC Lions MD 31 State Convention she could not believe her luck when she finally plucked up the courage to try on a pair of eSight electronic glasses. With the addition of a high-definition camera, the glasses restored some of Mary’s remaining residual vision.

Mary and best friend Lucy

Mary has a condition that causes visual impairment and blindness.

Being blind never meant that she had to sit at home

She had her happy doggo to take where ever she went

They do everything together

Mary did not stop doing the things she wanted to do with Lucy by her side.

Guide dog Lucy

Eight years later, although Mary could not have been happier with Lucy by her side, she always wondered what she looked like.

Putting on the special glasses that will enable the blind to have vision

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