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This Mom Stirred Up Controversy When She Put Breastmilk in Bake Sale Brownies

This Mom Stirred Up Controversy When She Put Breastmilk in Bake Sale Brownies

Being a parent of school-aged children more often than not involves an annual fundraiser. Trust me, the older your kids get doesn't make it any easier. In fact, they just end up needing to raise greater funds. Some schools and organizations that have kids doing their fundraisers will enlist specific organizations, making your kiddo more like a middle man between customers and things like wrapping paper or popcorn, or even sometimes trinkets. Other schools and organizations go old school.

This day and age the good, old-fashioned bake sale is still a viable and relevant way to run a fundraiser. Bake sales are pretty simple. Families bake treats and individually wrap them. They set up a table and sell or auction off their delicious delicatessens. You might buy entire pies and cakes or you might buy cookies, cupcakes, or even brownies. 


The good 'ol Bake Sale.

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Something that has changed between the years behind us and today's bake sales (or really anything about today) is social media. The ability to brag or share about what you proudly made with love and put forth at the great Bake Sale, share and swap recipes, just you know, spread your smug sense of self satisfaction. 

This delicious looking photo exists because someone needed to toot their own recipe horn.

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If we're not bragging about something on social media, we're usually asking for advice. 

In the case of one interesting, baking, internet using mom, she had a whopper of a tale to share. 

Like many of us in many situations, this mom participated in a bake sale.

What makes her so unique though involves her special ingredient in a classic recipe. The good 'ol brownie. You can't really mess up a brownie, right? I guess hers were pretty darn good because people began to ask questions and once one mom found out what her secret ingredient was, it left this mom confused and needing some reassurance or advice.

So, she turned to the Internet. 

"I need help from the Internet."

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You probably won't believe your eyes when you read how this all played out. 


This mom's bake sale treat and advice seeking story brought her viral levels of attention after her question about right versus wrong was shared on the very well-known Facebook page Sactimommy. It was particularly kind of them to obscure her name since she's one of the most famous moms on the Internet right now after this debacle. 


Oh, yeah, that's right. Mommy's magic ingredient was none other than Breastmilk.

Some people say breastmilk is love turned into food. But the questions and uproar that came from this mom, her deed, and her question have been fascinating (to say the very least.)

Well, we don't even know where to begin. It sounds like a joke, right? I mean who the heck puts breastmilk in baked goods to sell to strangers and her community? But she seems to have a nonchalant attitude about it when she says:

I didn’t have time to run to the store and didn’t think it was a big deal. 

Um, okay, time aside, this snide addition to her statement is what really boiled a lot of blood:

...some of those kids could use the nutrition let’s be honest.

The person behind the Sanctimommy page captioned the share with, "I shall forever remember this as the day I stopped supporting bake sales.” That left us instantly with the impression she didn't approve. 

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Let's face it, there are a lot of twists and turns to this debate.

Nutritionally, there's nothing wrong with breastmilk at any age. In fact, lots of body builders will pay top dollars for fresh breastmilk. Sometimes even cancer patients will seek out breastmilk because the nutrition is incomparable. There's also plenty of research that shows breastmilk never loses its nutritional value.

So breastmilk being good in general isn't really what's up for debate.

You know what is? Consent. 

(Also, some people are arguing that you don't put milk in brownie recipes to begin with but with enough searching one can find recipes that call for it, and Pintrest has thousands of recipes you can put breastmilk in.)

You can't just give someone your bodily fluid secretly and think that's no big deal. Even if breastmilk is the coolest stuff on the planet, random children and adults don't need to ingest it unknowingly and be told they're overreacting when they find out. 

Plus, the fact that she gave that snide little jab in about how some of those kids could use the nutrition... well at least we know why Sanctimommy shared it. 

Of course at this point there's over 1,200 comments on the post and it looks like in general, literally nobody is amused with this mom and her secret ingredient. Love may be a secret ingredient and breastmilk may be love, but breastmilk is not a good secret ingredient. Just take a look at the peanut gallery chiming in:

Hindsight is 20/20, yeah?


Milk, any milk, in brownies?? That's a head scratcher for an awful lot of us.


Of course it gets even better because outrage aside, this is the Internet and we officially have some of the best breastmilk jokes on the planet now...

"Not like my thumb or anything though, don't worry."


She didn't go far enough, apparently.


"I can relate."


(Um, but not really because urine and breastmilk are definitely not remotely the same thing, but the joke is golden.)

Logic is logic, right?


Of course, at the end of the day there is one point worth mentioning...


Donated breastmilk is screened before being passed to other babies and even if it wasn't, we would deserve the right to decide for ourselves if we are willing to consume someone else's breastmilk knowing it hadn't been screened. It isn't considered bio-hazard waste but it IS a bodily fluid and even if it IS consumable, nobody should have it snuck into their tasty treats and this mom has some nerve thinking her unsuspecting customers are the ones who might be overreacting. 

That's enough Internet for today. But if you did want to see more, you need to check out these funniest tweets about food. Thanks, Twitter!