Real Life Cartoon Doppelgangers That Will Have You Doing A Double-Take

by Mikayla

If you've ever been told you look like a celebrity then you'll know either that flattering confusion that comes with the compliment or just the confusion as to if it was a compliment at all. Sometimes we go home and stare at ourselves in the mirror wondering "Do I really look like Kim Kardashian?"

I know for sure I don't, but no doubt someone out there does, and they'll be loving it. However with some people, there is no wondering, no confusion and no ifs, ands, or buts about, they look JUST like some of our favorite people, in particular, cartoon characters. Is that a compliment? You bet! 

Who wouldn't want to look like a Disney Princess, a hilarious Simpsons character or a throwback friend from the 90's? You'd hope these people don't mind because they don't have a choice.


Who remembers this wannabe ladies man?


This girl is just adorable.

Sir, are you sure you don't work for Disney?

Okay, this is getting weird.

Afro? Check. 'Stache? Check.

Hi diddly ho metharino

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