This Cat Fell In Love With A Heater This Winter And It Is Too Adorable

by Elzaan Van der merwe

It has been freezing cold lately in the Northern hemisphere and everybody did what they had to, to stay warm and out of the cold. In Japan, they are also not big fans of the freezing cold, but they did build their creative snowmen everywhere for everybody to see.

But there is one little guy that is quite interesting, he's called Busao, and he is a cat that fell in love with a heater over this winter. Japan is so cold right now! All he wants is to warm up more,” Ryuji Tan, his owner said. 

We think he loves it more than anything in the world because he didn't move in front of that heater one time this winter. This is a very clever cat!

Busao was adopted by Ryuji Tan where he found him in the streets of Ibaraki.

“Busao was originally a stray cat, I think that he is about 9 years old.”

Ryuji updates the world on Busao by posting pictures of him regularly on Instagram and Facebook.

Go follow him and see what Busao is up to every day.

Busao will be spending the rest of the winter right where he is and we all wish we were him.

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