A Photographer Does Wedding Shoots Featuring Cats And The Results Are Amazing

by Mikayla

Have you ever wished you could include your beloved cats in your special day? Maybe your perfect wedding features man's favorite feline as the flower girl, or maybe just the cuddliest part of the crowd. Whatever part your want Mr. Whiskers to play your dream is much closer to becoming a reality, thanks to Catographer, Marianna Zampieri. The passionate photographer loves to take photos of cats, mainly her cat Arthur, whom she adopted in 2012.

Zampieri wanted photos with her beloved Arthur on her own wedding day and organized a special shoot for herself. Then some of her friends asked her to do the same for them and their three cats, and so came the after-marriage catographs. These are the results!

Check out more of her work at mariannazampieri.it

1. Even if you don't like cats you can't deny these photos are stunning.

6. A floof in the poof

10. You can tell this couple adores their cats

14. And the cats are loving it!

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