Proof That It Only Takes One Cat and One Day to Transform A Hater

by Elana

This is probably hard to believe but there was a time when I was not a huge fan of cats. The truth is, as it is for most people who don't like cats, I just hadn't met a cat or at least the right cat. The first time I brought home a pair of kittens from the animal shelter I was a changed person. Forever a crazy cat lady, forever enamored with the best animal on the planet: cats. This is a similar story for many who once disliked cats and it's a story we are going to tell today. 

Sharing his story on the social media platform Imgur, one man talked about how a little kitten named Shiro changed his whole life for the better. 


1. Shiro

Everyone: meet Shiro. Isn't he cute?

via: Imgur

Once a self-proclaimed cat-hater, this man who suffers from PTSD tells his story on imgur of how he came to adopt little Shiro. 

Little know fact is I hated cats. I used to get attacked by them as a kid and I was extremely allergic.

So, what changed? What led to the happiness of Shiro?

Months prior to Shiro, I was told I had PTSD from working as a paramedic/Firefighter after only 3 years. I couldn’t sleep without nightmares. I couldn’t drive down the road without seeing something horrific that wasn’t real. Me being the young adult I am, I turned to drinking and ruining relationships to cope with my mental turmoil.


Depression affects MILLIONS worlwide.

Then, fate intervened:

Then the weekend of Halloween came, I was drunk, and my friends and I were laying around the floor, talking about life when I was asked “hey my friend has kittens, they’re free! You should take one!” My drunk self heard ‘free’ and agreed to take one! I mean he is cute as sh*t and has a gray mohawk!

Woke up to text messages asking where I wanted to meet to pick up this cat. I was utterly confused but met the person and they put 8-week old Shiro in my arms, told me that he was a boy and he just ate, and then left. That’s when it hit hungover me I have a kitten, this life is my responsibility now.


via: Imgur

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