This Woman Was Sick Of Being Catcalled On The Street, So She Took Pictures With Them And Showed The Internet

by Jessy

Every woman who has walked along the street has experienced the uncomfortable feeling of being catcalled at some point or another. 

For Jansma, who was incredibly tired of feeling unsafe and targetted for simply walking in public, decided to do something about all of the grotesque remarks that so many men were dishing out to her. 

At 20 years old, in Amsterdam, there are a lot of opportunities to be heading somewhere that requires walking, and this means facing the threat of men who walk past and yell uncalled for remarks. 

We are all way too sick of catcalling too. 

When you're faced with nothing but a terrible hand of men, the best thing you can do is give them a taste of their own medicine.

She can hear you, idiots.

Be a dear and guzzle that beer so you pass out.

Don't follow her, that's borderline stalker material.

Not an invitation for you to put your arm around her, buddy.

Look away, ugh.

Who in their right mind would accept your dirty offer...

Why would anyone be horny after a verbal attack...

As far as she can get away from you.

Wow, your two thumbs up are in no way appealing.

Wipe those smug looks off of your faces.

You should definitely be thanking her for putting up with men like you every day.

Little did you know that you're about to be broadcasted to the world for the obscene remarks you just made.

She doesn't appreciate people staring, none of us do.

Get back to work and make yourself relatively useful.

Keep your eyes up...

No. Never in a million years.

Absolutely nothing but stand back and shut up as she walks past.

She told you she's not sad...chill out.

Just keep driving, seriously.

Absolutely not.

No, stop being so gross...

We wish you never learnt how to whistle.

This one is getting extremely creepy.

Her name is Jansma.

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