This Collection Of Cats High On Catnip Is The Funniest Thing You'll See All Week

by Mikayla

Everyone who owns a cat can tell you that there are two types of cats; cuddly little balls of love, or assholes. However, it doesn't matter what type of feline you have in your home 99% of the time any cat, even the grumpiest ones, will LOVE catnip. It's literally a drug for them. 

It makes grumpy cats happy, excited cats chill, or a lot of the time transports your cat into an entirely different dimension of being (or so they think.). Basically, it's hilarious and everyone needs to see a great reaction to catnip at least once, so to fill your quota for your lifetime here's a bunch of hilariously quirky cats, getting their catnip on.


1. Starting out strong with a level 10 freak out

2. Nom nom nom!


3. what. is. THAAAAAT.

4. Opps.


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