10+ Pictures Of Cats That Are As Dark As Your Soul But 10 Times More Beautiful

by Mikayla

If you are a member of the population that fears the stigma around black cats? Do you fear their dark fur or just don't favor them over any other cat? Well, I'm here to prove your thoughts wrong and show you just how beautiful black cats can be

Not only are they just like any other adorable cat but they take fantastic pictures for your Instagram (not that you should get one only for that reason, please own a cat responsibly.). Don't believe me? Check out the images below and prepare to be mind blown, yup, these cats are THAT cute.

1. One word. WOW.

2. Look at this majestic beast!

3. Lil meow


5. Look at the gorgeous feline

6. Ready to pounce...

7. Blep

8. How can one cat be so stunning?


10. Little cat hiding away...

11. Stunning!

12. The cutest of toe beans

13. Everyone loves a good silhouette!

14. Cat nap

15. There's no time to play around when the tongue is out.

16. Those are the play time eyes...

18. The stare down...

19. No wait, THOSE are playtime eyes!

via: Imgur

20. That the cutest half of a head I've ever seen.

21. The perfect specimen...

22. Snow cat!

23. Last but not least, the king of all scowls...

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