This Woman's Interesting And Bad Ass Response To This Cheating Husband Showed Us All That Cheating Is Wrong

by Ella

Cheating on the person you are married to is wrong on so many levels! First of all, you chose that person to be with you for the rest of your life and you need to honor that promise. If you don't feel like being with them anymore or if it felt like a mistake marrying them, then talk about it instead of going around cheating, because it hurts everyone around you and not just the person you are cheating on.

And we have all learned and saw on social media how people are exposed for cheating on their loved ones. Just ask this woman who destroyed a man for wanting to cheat on his wife with her and then she uploaded all the messages on Imgur to expose him.


1. We just don't tell

This is him trying his luck, to start an affair with this woman, even though he knows she is married.

2. Who will watch you die?

This is a response that none of us thought of and it is bad ass! This woman did not take any nonsense from him because she knows where her priorities lie and who she wants in her life! Respect to the woman and men out there who still think cheating is wrong.


Social media, of course, went up in flames about this post and soon everyone was commenting about how great this woman took him down.


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