This New 2017 Christmas Tree Trend Is Giving Everyone A New Perspective

by Ella

You know the best thing about the holiday season is when mom and dad come home from shopping and they bring in that huge tree into the living room and everyone can't wait to decorate the crap out of it. 

Yeah, those were the good old days for us older folks, but for the children, it should be a Christmas tradition that must be followed every year, because without a tree and decorations the holiday season is just plain boring! 

Everyone decorates their trees in a different way. The tree normally represents our personality types, you know, the elaborate ones with all the sparkle and lights and then the more quiet ones who only have one string of lights and a few ornaments. 

Regardless of how you decorate it, it is your tree so go ahead and do whatever you want to bring in the festive cheer. These people definitely did when a new trend was discovered in the Christmas tree department and it is rather special!


Big and sparkly Christmas trees are magnificent, beautiful, but also very traditional.

Although there is nothing better than having your breath caught in your throat when looking up to these giant magnificent trees. It is the trees at home that makes us feel special and cheery, and these people thought it best to design a special tree that suits them best.


Like this Harry Potter themed tree that brings all the magic into one spot.

You know what they say about bookworms, everything they do involves books and this Christmas tree is a great representation of that.

These colorful trees are one in a million and if you want one just hop on over to the magical tree forest where everything is possible.


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