10+ Companies That Used Clever Designs to Hide Imagery In Their Logos

by Elana

Graphic design is a fascinating skill that takes years to master and for the companies, you'll see here today, the designers they hired to create their logos (the very visual representation of their companies) were worth every penny. Creative or deceptive, it's up for you to decide but for sure someone put a lot of effort into turning a simple logo into a masterful concept to cleverly use the subtle art of subliminal messages to convince you (the prospective buyer of their products or services) that they're the best option you've got.

Have you heard of or seen any of these before? We guarantee once you see them for what they are, you'll never be able to un-see them.

1. Amazon

The mega-giant company known as Amazon has managed to sneak two subliminal messages into their logo. A small smile and an arrow that points from a to z, because they carry everything from a to z, of course!

2. Formula 1

If you look quickly and just right you'll see the number 1 placed conveniently in the white space in this company's logo. Of course, because, they are Formula "1."

3. Baskin Robbins

Famously known for their "31 flavors," Bakin Robbins cleverly stuffed a pink 31 into their logo! Nicely played.

4. FedEx

One of the most clever hidden image designs a company could concoct is surely the one that FedEx came up with. By sticking this clever little arrow in their logo they send a subliminal message to your mind that they are always moving forward.

via: KATS FM

5. Wendy's

Wendy's cleverly stuck "Mom" in their logo to subtly convince you that eating at their restaurant is just like eating mom's home cooked meals.

6. Hershey Kisses

Tucked perfectly between the "K" and the "I" is an extra Hershey Kiss!

7. Tour de France

You don't have to squint to see it, you just have to use your creative side and you'll see the person riding a bike on the "o-u-R" with a yellow dot in the Tour de France logo.

8. Pittsburgh Zoo

Everyone can see the impressive tree perched atop "Pittsburgh Zoo," but the clever part of their design is in the white space where we can see the face of a gorilla and the face of a lion staring each other down.

9. Chick-Fil-A

The chicken giant's C-shaped chicken may not be very hidden but it's definitely one of the most clever designs out there today!

10. Pintrest

Pintrest works a rather specific way, you "pin" things to virtual boards. So naturally, Pintrest placed a pretty clever pin in their "P." Well played, Pintrest. Well played.

11. The Bronx Zoo

The negative white space between the legs of all the giraffes features the one and only: New York’s iconic skyline. Breathtaking.

12. Hartford Whalers

This NFL team may no longer be around but their clever logo is definitely worth our passing glance. Look at that clever little whale tail!

13. Toblerone

Matterhorn mountain is where the delicious chocolate known as Toblerone originated from and their logo features the image of a bear hidden in Matterhorn mountain! It's a nice ode to sweet beginnings.

14. Kölner Zoo

The white space in the logo's elephant legs contains a giraffe, a rhinoceros, and the twin spires of Cologne Cathedral.

15. Elefont

With an elephant’s trunk formed in the negative space inside the letter “e,” this logo is simple yet perfect.

16. NBC

Did you know? NBC is also known as the "Peacock Network," so it's only fitting that they cleverly stuffed a peacock into their logo! Of course that's not all of the symbolism in their design. Each of the colored feathers represents each of one of the original divisions of NBC and the head of the peacock is looking to the right, symbolizing their perpetual looking forward.

17. Unilever

Since Unilever produces such a wide variety of products, it only made sense for them to place as many as possible right in their logo.

18. Coca-Cola

What's hiding in the logo of Coca-Cola? Why, it's the flag of Denmark! The company actually never intended this but once they discovered the conveniently placed flag, which just so happens to belong to the "happiest country on Earth," they set up a media stunt of epic proportions in Denmark's largest airport welcoming people with flags.

via: Diply

19. Gillette

It's subtle and simple, but Gillette took the “G” and “I” and made them perfectly cut to represent the sharpness and precision of their razors.

20. Sun Microsystems

The adorable little diamond next to the word "Sun" is composed entirely of the word "sun."

21. LG

Tilt that little face to the right and shift the nose and all of a sudden you're looking at Pac-man.

22. Goodwill

Goodwill's logic is that giving to charity and saving on hand-me-downs should make you feel good, so the "g" is shaped into a rather adorable half-smile.

23. McDonald's

It's not just the M for McDonalds, in the 1960s design consultant and psychologist Louis Cheskin said customers unconsciously recognize the logo as “symbolism of a pair of nourishing breasts.” I'm not sure that's held up over the years.

24. Atlanta Falcons

It's a bird, it's an "F," it's a clever logo!

25. Tostito's

The Tostito's logo really takes siesta to a new level by sticking one right in the logo. The t's perfectly mimic two people as they chow down on an "i" that looks perfectly like a bowl of salsa. Well done, Tostito's.

26. Sony's Vaio

In what is perhaps the most clever logo of them all, Sony's Vaio can be broken down as such: the first two letters represent an analog signal and the last two are the 1 and 0 of the digital world.

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