10+ Of The Cheekiest Jokes On Tumblr

by Elana

Everyone appreciates a cheeky joke. Those sort of innocent but not, play on words, mess with your head, and make you think twice jokes. Arguably, they may be the best jokes, even if sometimes they make you work for it. 

If anyone in the vast universe that is the Internet is superior at these jokes, surely the coveted title goes to the users of Tumblr. 

Their ability to turn just about any subject matter into something worthy of laughter is unparalleled more often than not and that's what continues to draw us all in time and time again. We appreciate these jokes in ways we cannot properly explain, so it's best to just dive right in and see for yourself just how funny these Tumblr users are...


And the puns roll in...

It's like a cascading waterfall of puns. It's glorious.


He's passed the torch.

That's the only way to see optimism in being out punned by your offspring.


I'm a little mad about this one, aren't you?

You bet...

Sometimes the joke is too good.


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