Jerk Client Harasses Crocheter Over Price Of A Blanket And Makes Himself Look Like A Fool

by Angie

If you've ever sold commissioned pieces or are a freelancer you know that there is a whole host of people who are just jerks. These people think they should be able to ask you to make something custom, just for them, but then also give them a crazy cheap price and basically be unpaid for your actual time/labor

Unfortunately, Krafty Katt had a run in recently when a potential client messaged her on Instagram to ask about creating a custom piece for his girlfriend. He gave her very specific instructions on how he wanted his blanket to be done but was outrageously rude when told the price. 

Read below for the transcript of how this conversation went down. Warning: It will make you angry. 

Katt and Kovu her cat like to crochet in their spare time.

They were just minding their business, when they got a message about a commissioned blanket.

And it begins...

Keep in mind that Katt said this in an interview recently: “I’m not a business, so I really don’t consider anyone a potential customer, and if they’re rude I have no problem dishing it back,” Katt remarked. “I don’t need to worry about negative reviews or anything like that, the repercussions for me are virtually zero.”

He starts off like a real tool.

Very specific in his colors, stitches, and quality of fiber used.

She gives him a reasonably thought out price for her time and effort and supplies.

“I’m just a hobby crocheter and trying to keep it that way,” Katt explained. “I rarely do commissions, usually just done to reinvest money in my hobbies. Most people are extremely polite when inquiring about prices; I’ve been told one other time that I overcharge and that was as rude as it got before this.”

One will continue to ponder on what price he thought he was going to get...

Especially for expensive supplies.

And a crazy amount of work time.

Who are these other crocheters you know, and why don't you go to them?

He attempts to guilt her, but she has no time for his nonsense.

He then attemps to demand that she does exactly what he wants.

I'm really not sure what he thought was going to happen. Or if he knows the definition of the word "scam".

Then Katt laid down her first meme, and it was golden.

His threats continued to be ignored.

She then, rightfully so, tacks on an extra charge because he's such a jerk. I'm assuming he didn't reply...

Can I get a crafter AMEN?!

Like, would you do your job for free?

Hopefully your friends treat you better.


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