These Spectacular Colored Photos From The 1950's Will Give You Glimpse Of What America Was Like Back In The Day

by Ayoub Mask

A lot of people consider the 1950’s as a golden era in U.S. history, that's when people were happier and lived in a lot of a prosperity but let's not forget racial segregation, the threat of nuclear annihilation and The Cold War.

Back in the day, most photos used to be in black and white, even though color photography existed it was still a very rare commodity at the time considering how expensive the film was, which is why most people couldn't afford it. Although, the photos below are colored and spectacular, which makes them more relatable, and brings the period closer to us.

Colored Entrance, Alabama, 1956

"My very cool grandpa in the 1950s holding a fish, smoking a cigarette, with a book tucked into his pants and cigarette pack in his sleeve"

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The real meaning of not giving a f*ck

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New York City, 1958

An officer and a tiny baby bear, 1950

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"James Dean at a California gas station with his silver Porsche 550 Spyder, named "Little Bastard," just hours before his fatal crash. September 30, 1955"

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African-American Girl and Her Grandmother Window-Shopping, Mobile, Alabama, 1956

Mobile, Alabama, 1956

"My grandma had such a gorgeous smile. 1950's"

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Daytona Beach,1957

San Francisco, 1957

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"A slightly surrealistic photo of my grandma and some dude somewhere in Florida, 1957"

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Shady Grove, Alabama, 1956

Just taking a look, Mobile, Alabama, 1956

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