Colton Haynes Outdoes Himself at Halloween Again

by Ezra Zydan

Sometimes, you learn something really unexpected about someone that you like, and you can't wait to see what they do if it's a yearly thing. In this case, that person is Colton Haynes, and that thing is Halloween. Each and every year (since 2014), Colton outshines himself with each year, and this year is definitely the best one! Read on to learn more:

Colton Haynes is well known for his roles as Jackson Whittemore on Teen Wolf and Roy Harper on The CW's Arrow. 

Little did we know, he was secretly the King of Halloween costumes!

Check out this one from 2014:

Thx @Megan_v_brown @lauraraczka_mua @Erikporn @bitemaresinc @rbfx @skinillustratorofficial Ready for tonight :)

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And this one from 2015.

One hell of a Princess Fiona if I do say so myself.
And this one from 2015.

Check out his costume for this year's Halloween!

We're also pretty sure he won Halloween this year, judging by Twitter's reaction:

And there's a good chance that he may have started a feud with Miss Piggy herself!

Behold the snout! #HappyHalloween

Happy Halloween piglets

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