These Husbands And Boyfriends Are Confused As Hell When It Comes To Everyday Things

by Elzaan Van der merwe

Having a male as your partner for life or even your friend can be challenging for us ladies. We need to walk all over after them to pick up whatever item they threw on the floor, feed them more than once a day, help them find items that are right in front of them and many more excruciating tasks that we most of the time don't have the time for. 

But we do it anyway because I mean what would a man be without us to keep them alive and tidy? 

Take a look at the following posts about husbands and boyfriends that said the stupidest stuff that made their partners extremely confused and irritated at the same time. 

Dark white you say?

Or might it be grey? I think we need an optometrist up in here.

via: Tumblr

There is no way in hell

If you break an oven in five minutes of cooking you should be locked in a bubble.

via: Twitter

Those are not blueberries

Maybe black ones yes.

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No sharing no caring

Get rid of him as soon as possible.

via: Twitter

The math genius

Will 10% eat all your food

via: Tumblr

He had one job

To buy 6 potatoes and the last one had to be small to balance it all out.

via: Twitter

Don't scare your wife like that

You will get murdered if you do that.

via: Twitter

Homemade dish anyone?

Congratulations on "making" this delicious dish for us.

via: Reddit

How can they not find it?

Everything is before their eyes, but yet they will still call you to find it.

via: Twitter

There is no torturing involved

He just likes to sing and scream heavy metal songs at the top of his lungs in the shower.

via: Tumblr

You are good my friend!

She wants whatever so give it to her.

via: Reddit

That is not what a George Foremann grill is for!

Some-body please buy him a waffle maker.

via: Imgur

Extremely terrifying sleep arrangements

I would have my one room if I was her.

via: Tumblr

I will just put it over here

This is a perfect example of a husbands logic.

via: Twitter

Is it a Texas longhorn?

He asked his gynaecologist.

via: Reddit

From lipstick to dragon eggs

I actually love this one. This is good!

You bought your dog jeans?

This is ludicrous! Keep the money away from him.

via: Twitter

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