Conor Mcgregor And Floyd Mayweather Are Talking About Having A Rematch

by Elzaan Van der merwe

They had 'The fight of the century' last year August when they went toe to toe to see who is the best fighter. You can't really say that as it was the first time that McGregor stepped into the boxing ring and well, Mayweather was undefeated at 50-0. 

Still, they fought in Las Vegas with thousands of people watching them. Mayweather said it was his last fight and retired right then and there, but it seems money has lured him out of his retirement cage and back into fighting.

There have been rumors that these two fighters will go up against each other again, but this time it will be on Mcgregor's playing field the MMA Octagon. We shudder to think what will happen to Mayweather.

#MCM Mayweather Crushes McGregor.

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They amped up everyone around the world and even themselves for the fight that happened last year August and it turned out to be a boring fight between two guys that think they are richer and cooler than each other.

McGregor wanted a KO so badly that he tired himself out before Mayweather actually started fighting. At least he lasted 10 rounds. That's great for an inexperienced boxer. Everyone thought that Mayweather would never climb into the MMA Octagon, but he proved everyone wrong or shall we say the money started to talk.

According to Jim White a Talk Sports presenter, there may be a rematch soon.

I call this move the shoulder roll.

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"My soundings are that there are a lot of talks going on in the background, there are a lot of talks around people with Mayweather," Jim said. "There are a lot of talks about him potentially having an MMA fight with McGregor."

"People will tune in to see Mayweather get stopped by Conor McGregor and it won't affect his boxing record."

"I think it's going to happen and I think it will be a three, four, five hundred million dollar fight again."

Mayweather has thrown hints around that he wants to make a debut in UFC and even posted a video of him in the Octagon about a month ago. Dana White, UFC president has also confirmed that they have talked to Mayweather saying: "We’re talking to Floyd about doing a UFC deal. It’s real. He was talking about [boxing] Conor McGregor. Was that real?"

Billion Dollar Man

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"Have you heard Floyd talk about many things that aren’t real? He usually tips his hand when he’s in the media and then that sh*t ends up happening. We’re interested in doing something with Floyd. Everything is a realistic possibility. Mayweather vs. McGregor f*cking happened. Anything is possible!" said White.

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Mayweather seems pretty confident in himself that he would be able to win a fight in UFC as he stated on a Youtube video.

"They just called me not too long ago and asked me to come back. I can come right back. If I wanted to, I can come right back to the UFC."

"I can go fight in the Octagon. I can do a three – or four-fight deal in the Octagon and make a billion dollars. Remember, I’m Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather."

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It looks like the fight will be happening sooner than we think. So get ready for round 2!

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