These Siberian Husky Dogs Who Dress Up In Cosplay Will Make Your Day

by Elzaan Van der merwe

Cosplay is our way to escape reality and all the stress, drama and worry that goes with everyday life. It allows us to be someone else, to be free and careless and not care about anything or what anybody thinks of us. It helps make life fun, interesting and who doesn't love to dress up as one of your favorite character of a movie or television series? Many people do. It is good therapy let me tell you that! So just like we like to do it, dogs also want to be silly and act like something or someone else to lighten up their world and makes us laugh and be happy of course as they are man's best friend after all.

Keep reading to take a look at these silly husky pups who love to cosplay.

1. Memphis

Hi, everyone! Memphis is my name and I sure like glitter. Do you think this hat would look good for a dance party?

2. Do they notice me?

I am an undercover agent here to infiltrate the group. Does it look like they recognise me?

3. Rawr!

You better watch out! I am a dangerous little bear pup.

4. Puppy eyes

Mom will definitely give me that treat I want now. I am too cute to resist!

5. Cuddly and warm

They thought it good to wrap me in this bear costume. It's ridiculous I tell you! But it's nice and fluffy.

6. Cool dog

Yeah baby, you know I look good in this.

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