Woman Tells Her Crazy Birth Story And It Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat Until The End

by Elzaan Van der merwe

Most women are lucky enough to be able to choose how and where they will be giving birth. It normally involves a hospital, lots of nurses, a doctor and some really good pain meds to keep the birthing pains at bay.

But not all of us are that lucky, especially in the rural towns and countries. They must make due with what they got but at least they have their family to support them through the toughest thing that any woman can go through.

This woman, however, wasn't so lucky! She was all alone in a hotel room when her labor started and to make matters worse she was in another country, surrounded by people who don't really speak English.

Scroll down to read her incredible and scary birthing story!

This is Tia Freeman a US air force member that have recently giving birth to her beautiful son Xavier.

This is her birthing story

She didn't know she was pregnant until she was in her third trimester

She thought it would just go away...

Maybe a vacation will help?

Airplanes don't even give out vegetarian meals

And now she has food poisoning too

Sure just go with it

Customs and cramps certainly don't go together

Hold up! You in labor?

She decides to Google it and wait it out

She had to get it together because there was no way she was giving birth in the airport

It's time to start panicking

Why not? Youtube has all the answers and her only friend at the moment

She has so much determination and confidence in herself, it's amazing!

She became a mother right then and there

Now it's time for the baby to make his appearance

"You can do it!"

And then the pain started, but she had to keep going even without epidural

Little Xavier knew exactly how to swim

Boy or girl?

It got real messy in that bath tub

It's a baby boy!

Something like that

You gotta do what you gotta do

She is the only one who knows how it feels

It's so great how she still laughs in this situation

Didn't think it was possible to get more interesting

You have to work with what you have

Smart choice

She became a doctor right then and there

Just poking around

It was way tougher than it looks

It definitely was the scene of a horror movie

No time for hospitals just the bed

Would she be able to leave with him?


They both had to get checked out first

Somehow someone heard about it and they wanted the full story

She even got famous even though it is in Turkey

They were so sweet they even bought him his very first outfit

How did they find her?

Thanks to the translator

They just don't give up!

He is a perfectly healthy baby, but why is grandma touching her breast?

Well, well, well look at that!

The End!

Everyone was so shocked, not even her mom knew

Her little bundle of joy