These Side By Side Photos Of Parents And Their Kids Are Crazy Identical

by Ella

Having children is the greatest gift life can give you. Being able to raise your own masterpiece that you and your partner created is a wonderful thing that should not be taken for granted.

When your little piece of heaven is still small you can't see much resemblance to you or your partner, but as they grow older you can see tiny things that they inherited from you. Whether it's your personality, eye color, nose or they can even be identical to you, believe it or not, it happens!

It truly doesn't matter as long as your kid inherited something from you, right? These 15 photos are proof that sometimes kids and their parents are identical and it is something so special.


1. This mother and daughter has a condition called heterochromia, which means they're two eyes are different colours.

Only six out of every thousand people have this condition and it is gorgeous.


2. "My dad's index tip was cut off when he was 10, my index is shorter than my pinky" says this poster."

What! You won't believe this one until you see the proof.

3. Daughter and mom that looks exactly alike!

4. He got one thumb from his mother and one from his father.

Damn genetics you are wild!


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