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16 Internet Users Recount Their Creepiest Internet Experiences Ever

16 Internet Users Recount Their Creepiest Internet Experiences Ever

The Internet is full of... everything. You can find literally anything and talk to almost literally anyone. Social networking has consumed our lives and introduced us to other people in both our communities and all over the entire world. Some of us have been using the Internet for 2 decades at least and in that time we've watched huge cultural shifts in how the Internet is utilized and how people interact with others on it. 

Today couples all over the world are meeting and falling in love and chat rooms are an everyday occurrence, but not all that happens on the Internet is (or ever has been) fluffy sunshine and rainbows. There is a darkness on the Internet and far too many people have experienced it.

The 16 stories you'll read today are true and were shared on the ever-interesting Ask Reddit and they just may make you rethink how you use the Internet entirely. 


1. Twenty.

I’ve had somebody stalking me online for about 10 years. Started on UseNet, moved to LiveJournal, MySpace, attempts on FaceBook and now on Twitter. Since I have people I consider friends on these places, I add them and we talk to each other. If I use another name, he remembers details and starts again. He’ll occasionally impersonate me though this has died down in the past couple years. Right now on Twitter, he’s created probably 20 accounts that I end up blocking and reporting. If I don’t occasionally engage, then he starts shit with people I know IRL. It isn’t hard to see that the only other person he comments to is me. So I have to explain this constantly.

- lazypilgrim


2. Whispers of... death.

I was on that Whispers app a week or two ago. I saw a post less than a mile away from me that was suicidal in nature, so I messaged the person seeing as they could be someone I know, or see every day for that matter. The conversation started normal “so what got you down? Oh life blah blah” but quickly degenerated into them telling me the human race was flawed and that they didn’t want to kill themselves, but put the whole planet in mass genocide since we all don’t deserve to live any longer. It’s scary to think about as this person could be my neighbor, he could go to school with me or my siblings… It’s unnerving to see someone with such beliefs so close to home.

- [deleted]

3. Forum Member's Dark Side

Discovering that a long time forum member had killed their toddler. Literally left them in a hot apartment to die, while they went out to have fun. This person was beloved by everyone, was always sugar and rainbows. Last person you would have EVER suspected. In fact, they had multiple times talked about the loss of their child (made it seem like an unpreventable tragedy) to gain sympathy from mothers who had actually lost children through no fault of their own. It was all quite sick and horrible, especially their complete lack of sense of responsibility or regret when called out on it.

- -goosiegirl


4. Bloody Names

I had befriended a guy from Florida (I’m in NYC) and I could tell he was starting to like me. I had just gotten out of a relationship, long distance no less, so I wasn’t interested in pursuing anything with this guy. One day he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said no without hesitation. He went kind of psycho and ended up writing my name on a piece of paper… in his blood… and sent me a picture of it.

Needless to say he creeps me the fuck out.

- kebekwaz

5. Omegle Troll

I once started an Omegle conversation. The stranger immediately started posting details about myself, screwing with the formatting of the website when he typed. My name, my state, etc. I promptly disconnected.

- OstrichOuttaNowhere


6. ...Allen

My friends and I decided to check out this new chat roulette thing when it first became popular. So we all gathered around the computer and logged in. I think it was like the 4th or 5th person we connected with was a black screen and a voice said ‘ALLAN?!’ My name is Allan… I thought it was pretty creepy.

- AllenBrunke

7. Thief

I used to host my photo gallery on my own web server. One day, I discovered in the server logs someone had been hotlinking my pics– basically having them display on their page, using my bandwidth. So I checked it out to see how they were using it.

It was a picture of my niece, 18 days old, wrapped in pink. It’s one of my favorite pictures of her.

Some psycho had posted it, along with a bunch of other pics, about ‘her’ baby and pregnancy belly pics, etc., obviously claiming that she had been pregnant and had this child.

It gave me chills. I took the photo down after that.

- mortaine


8. Haunting.

Was on a birth board/forum for a long time. (Had our pregnancies and babies together.) Got to know a lot of wonderful people who legitimately are wonderful people in real life and they helped me through some really tough times.

Unfortunately, one of the people that I liked in the early days ended up turning out to be the killer Karla Homolka. (Of Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka.)

Then there was this whole thing where someone made up an account and made up a username using the name of a victim and proceeded to ‘haunt’ her. I shit you not. So yeah…

- isisthevirus

9. Gone... just like that.

A Turkish guy was teaching me Turkish, he was talking about there being much fighting and bombing in certain areas of his region (Istanbul) . He was typing to me one day, the next thing he went offline.. I never heard from him again.

- blackstar5

10. Don't do this.

Having someone fake their suicide and blame it on me for calling them out on something pointless.

Left me pretty shaken and creep-ed out.

- Atreides_Zero


11. In retrospect this was disgusting.

When I was 13 I was always on the msn chat rooms. I was stupid enough to tell some guy what city I lived in, and he offered to take me to the mall and buy lingerie, then get a hotel room. He told me to tell my mom I was spending the night at a friend’s house and he could pretend to be my friend’s dad if my mom wanted to check up on me. At the time I was like whatever, no thanks, but looking back that guy was totally a pedophile and was probably trying this on every 13 year old he could find online. Who knows if some other girl fell for it.

- procyon

12. Stalker

I was on some online chat forum at like 3 am and this guy told me he was my stalker. I was like yeah right prove it. So he immediately responded with my hometown and address. Scared the living fuck out of me. I was like 11 and almost shit my pants.

- pearadise

13. Succubus 

My creepiest Internet experience was when a girl I found in an AOL chat room tried to convince me that the devil had raped me. And the devil raping wasn’t the creepiest part, she knew where I lived and my parents names and what I looked like. As I kept chatting with her she wanted me to join her in heaven by killing myself. When I explained to her that you don’t get into heaven by killing yourself she said that god had talked to her and had promised her this was the only official way to get into heaven and he only told the chosen people. She explained how and when she would off herself. She told me that she was living underground and working for the devil as a cover to get people to follow her but ultimately she was Gods. She made everything seem very strange and sexual. When I told her that I wasn’t going to kill myself because someone in a chat room told me to and I had better things to do she said to just think about it and she would be online one more night before she was going to off herself. The weird thing is I enjoyed our conversations because I simply thought she was just fucking with me. When I returned the next night she was gone. I had known her full name and when I checked the paper in her city her obituary was there and the little shit did exactly what she said she was going to do. She slit her wrists in the tub and let her parents clean up the mess. I was shocked. This girl had scared me into chatting with her and she was completely serious about her going to heaven to have sex with God. I stopped chatting online after that. I still think of her often.

- Kendallology


14. A bit much.

I beat a kid in a 1 vs 1 match on call of duty and uploaded it to my youtube channel. He ended up getting my ip address and harassing me and my family. He sent anal lube and all kinds of weird shit to my house, and told me he would come kill me if I didn’t remove the video.

- randomguy245

15. Killer conversation

In the mid-90s I used to chat on Compuserve regularly with Sam Manzie. We’d exchanged full names, addresses, phone numbers. We chatted in teen rooms every day for a while and then lost touch. A few years later I heard his name on the news and found out he’d killed a kid.

- the_best_thing

16. Bad Timing

After leaving the funeral of a childhood friend I walked into my apartment and booted up my computer. As usual I opened my web browser, but instead of Google popping up it was was just a blank white page with the words DIE written in red. I flipped out jumped in my car drove to Dennys and waited for my brother to show up. Together we returned to my apartment and the DIE thing turned out to be a badly timed computer virus of some kind.

- Afnor

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