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13 Extremely Disturbing And Creepy Verified Pieces Of Found Footage

13 Extremely Disturbing And Creepy Verified Pieces Of Found Footage

by Ayoub Mask

We always love to ignore how unsafe this world is, no matter what part of the world you live in the only thing that changes are the odds of some horrible thing happening to you, but sooner or later it's going to happen to some of us, it's pretty much inevitable. This world is filled with psychos whose favorite hobbies is to terrorize people and do horrible things to them, the scariest part is that you really can't identify them by simply staring at them because some of these monsters are as normal looking as the average person.


1. Drew-Pickles

I was listening to the 9/11 episode of Last Podcast on the Left, and they played a bunch of really heartwrenching audio clips, but by far the creepiest was just a bunch of high pitched siren/alarm-like noises. It was explained that all firefighters wear these alarms that go off if said firefighter is motionless for like 30 seconds or more aka. They are dead/unconscious. So yeah, it was basically listening to dozens of dead firefighters. It is super haunting to listen to and still sticks with me.

2. SwissGamerGuy

 Any black box recording where a plane is crashing and the pilots slowly realise they are going to die with all the passagers on board.

It's very chilling.

3. cosmic_censor

 I always found this one creepy. Couple is on their honeymoon and playing around in waist high water at the edge of a lake. Suddenly the ground gives way and they are struggling to stay above the water until finally you don't see them anymore and the water goes calm.


4. bungle123

The video diaries of Ricardo Lopez. He was obsessed with Björk and over the course of 9 months, made several videos detailing how he was going to kill her with a letter bomb, among other things. At the end of the video he kills himself. I think you can find all the tapes on the internet.

5. TheAnusRestaurant

The video diaries of the killers of Cassie Stoddart. Cassie was murdered by two of her friends when she was alone, house sitting for family. The killers wanted to be prolific murderers and chose Cassie only because they knew she'd be alone. One killer led the police to where they buried all the evidence, never mentioning the tape. The murder is not filmed, but the moments leading up to and immediately after the murder are taped.

6. chris_wiz

It was audio tape, not film: When I first started working with nuclear submarine programs in the 90s, we had to go to "training" (really just a presentation) about the Sub Safe program, which is an extraordinary QA program enforced for nuclear subs. They played audio of the USS SCORPION sinking and breaking up as a result of an equipment failure. I don't remember the exact number, but the entire crew perished.

7. DognissEverderp

Maury Travis's home movies.Travis was a serial killer in St. Louis who died in 2002. He allegedly killed himself in St. Louis jail, or he was killed by the police. (I favor the latter theory. The details of his hanging don't really point to suicide.)Travis picked up prostitutes, took them home, and tortured them before killing them. He recorded all of it on video. The police found the video; it was labeled "Your Wedding Day." The videos were so disturbing that the chief of police ordered counseling for all of the officers who saw them.

8. Vehicular_Zombicide

The Binghamton River Dam rescue attempt in 1975. Two rafters attempted to float over a lowhead dam, and the backwash caused them to capsize, become trapped in the boil, and drown. The local fire department made an attempt to rescue them, which resulted in the rescue team capsizing and becoming trapped as well, with at least one member drowning.Further teams were sent out to attempt to recover the bodies, all of them capsizing and being caught in the boil. By the time the fire department ceased recovery efforts, four people (including two firefighters) were dead and five more were hospitalized.Lowhead dams are one of the most dangerous pieces of terrain in a river, and one of the things that makes them so dangerous is that they don't look dangerous at all.


9. Anagoth9

It may not technically be found footage, but the recordings of the Weepy Voice Killer are pretty creepy

From Wikipedia: On December 31, 1980, Stephani beat Karen Potack in Prescott, Wisconsin, inflicting severe wounds and brain injury. Stephani himself called police at 3 a.m. to report the attack, directing police to a location where "There is a girl hurt there."His next victim was Kimberly Compton, an 18-year-old student from Wisconsin on June 3, 1981. After killing her, he again contacted police pleading: "God damn, will you find me? I just stabbed somebody with an ice pick. I can’t stop myself. I keep killing somebody." Two days later he called police to say he was sorry for stabbing Compton and would turn himself in, but did not.On June 6 he called to say newspaper accounts of some of the murders were inaccurate. His next call came June 11. In a whimpering, barely coherent voice he cried: "I’m sorry for what I did to Compton." His next victim was Kathleen Greening, also in St. Paul. Stephani later confessed to drowning her in her bathtub at her Roseville, MN residence.[1] His fourth victim (and the last victim who he killed) was Barbara Simons, a 40-year-old nurse on the Minneapolis side of the river. The two met at the Hexagon bar, after Simons gave Stephani an extra cigarette. After spending the night at the bar with Stephani, Simons told a waitress, "He's cute, I hope he's nice, since he's giving me a ride home." Simons was found stabbed to death the next day. There were no calls after Greening’s death, but the "Weepy-Voice Killer" contacted police on the murder of Simons: "Please don’t talk, just listen... I’m sorry I killed that girl. I stabbed her 40 times. Kimberly Compton was the first one over in St. Paul."[2]

10. eyeless_atheist 

Stephen McDaniel's peeping tom video before he strangled and dismembered Lauren Giddings.

11. lemonylol

It's really fucked up but there's something so bizarre and disturbing about Grave Robbing for Morons. Everything about the video is so strange and creepy, regardless that the premise itself is fucked up. There's something so iconic about it representing the exact type of unmarked video you wouldn't want to find by accident in the late 80s/early 90s.

12. reggae_muffin

Serial killer David Parker Ray, also known as the "Toy Box Killer" recorded himself in detail describing what he was going to do to his victims and would play it for them once they had regained consciousness following their abduction. It is pretty fucked. Actually, it's beyond fucked. I'm not sure if the actual recording of him was ever available to listen to, though I know I've heard bits of it in various documentaries. The transcript from his tapes is just as horrific (warning: NSFW).

13. pamin1

The audio recording of the Jonestown Massacre is absolutely chilling. Hearing 900 confused people talking, including all the children, while they don't know they're involuntarily committing suicide and it just gets quieter and quieter....fuck that. LINK