These Adorable Mixed Breed Doggos Show Us That You Don't Have To Get A Purebred If You Want An Awesome Dog

by Ella

Most people like purebred animals; especially when it comes to dogs. If they are born from the perfect bloodlines, with the great genes and manners taught to them ever since they could walk; they're 'perfect!' 

It's great to have them as they are seemingly the perfect furry companion and most of the time you don't have to do much from your side as they have already been taught most of the tips and tricks. It's just convenient. But they are expensive and the bloodlines can be corrupted sometimes. There can be so many health risks associated with interbred 'purebreds'.  Spending all that money can be a pain. 

Adopting instead of shopping for a dog can be so much more rewarding. Rescue dogs are just as lovable, friendly and goofy that you cannot help but fall in love with them. And the best part is you can basically get two different dogs and personalities into one cuddly creature we call a man's best friend.

Take a look at these weird, but incredibly cute mixed breed doggos.

1. Golden retriever and a Husky

All the fluffy-ness from the golden retriever and those remarkable blue eyes from the husky.

2. Chow-Chow and a Husky

This mix comes out as one big, fat fluffy cuddle bear.

3. Pug and a Bulldog

Oh! What a precious little face. Half flat and a half mean bulldog.

4. Pitbull and a Husky

Two gentle giants mixed together comes out as the most beautiful beast, I have seen.

5. Corgi and a Dalmation

Who would have thought this mix breed would come out this cute.

6. Chihuahua and a Pug

It is so ugly that it is actually cute.

7. German Shepherd and a Corgi

A mini German Shepherd! I bet he has got a temper on him.

8. German Shepherd and a Shar-Pei

Its just rolls on rolls on rolls, with some German Shepherd coloring.

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