This Dad Tweets About The Conversations He Has With His Daughters And It Is Completely Impossible Not To Laugh

by Elzaan Van der merwe

All lot of parents, well, let's go with 99.9% of parents love taking pictures and videos of their kids and posting it on social media for everyone to see how cute their babies are.

But one dad in particular thought of another way to pay tribute to the cuteness of his kids. James Breakwell, a family man and comedy writer has been sharing the conversations he has with his four daughters Twitter since 2016.

He shares his stories with his one million followers and he claims that his girls simply love being in the spotlight, "They like what I do on Twitter mainly because it's all about them."

"On one hand, Twitter makes me a better father because I spend more time with my kids. On the other hand, Twitter makes me a much worse father because I only do it to get more material."

Scroll down and take a look at some of the hilarious conversations that he has with his daughters.

The wisdom of a 7-year-old.

Girls, will take over the world!

They do what they feel like doing.

I see things so much clearer now.

No time for problems.

This makes you want to go out and buy them presents.

Savage level 100


She just loves peanuts so much.

School is never fun, unless you are naughty.

It's a trap, get out!

She wants to be Frodo.

Gosh, how smart are these kids?

Savages, all of them are little cute savages!

Why be one superhero when you can be three all at once?

Well, that's a bit weird.

She panicked so she got pancakes.

You go girl!

She has you speechless.

I can't believe we have lived this long.

Staying alive makes you tired.

We feel you, honey.

Damn good way to answer a question.

Poor dad is getting some of his own medicine.

Nobody wins at playing pay the bills.

Oh, if only it was "poop" they used.

Like father like daughter.

Oh no, poor "putin".

When food gets new names and it becomes a food group.

A girl so close to our hearts.

Take all of it as long as I can be on it.

The gift parents have, of figuring out what their children are saying.

Too much traffic.

Well played, sister, well played.

Harry Potter does deserve a birthday.

We are glad you are sure now.

And every other girl in the world.

Nobody knows.

Her concerns are so very real.

We hope she warms up to them when she gets older.

Why the heck not?

When the mom genes are shining through.

You must adore her so much!

Valid point.

Just like that your life changes.

This is a good contraceptive method.

You just need one, that's it.

Now you can go back to sleeping late.

Everyone needs to know the correct name.

Pikachu! I see you!

When love grows.

Welcome to the old days.

Ain't nothing important by knowing who the president is.

And Elsa did it again!

We all have been here in this very situation.

Who the hell are the shadow people? You better move out of that house.

Your person is your person.

Kids can magically turn into any animal they want to be.

"It's an always movie."

Forever can be a long time.

Never ask a mom why is she cleaning.

Again with the boy problem.

So cute that she wanted to give you permission, which she probably wouldn't have given.

Move, now!

Ice cream can be eaten any time of the day.

Oh, it's not so boring is it?

We agree 110%.

Smart indeed.

Fashion means sunglasses

Harry Potter is the exception

Dads get powerful over time

Guess that didn't work out the way he wanted it to.

Screw birthdays

True story

Definitely wife material

Nope never.

Sometimes but not always.

Well, he was halfway there.

I am about to do the same.

Now you know which kid you will spend less money on.

When your children succesfully turn into animals.

What a smart generation that we are raising.

Probably not.

The perks of being a father.

Damn! These kids are brutal.

She really doesn't like orcs.

She knows!

Agreed, she'll be a awesome mother.

It's called night duh!

She's got mad jiu jitsu skills for a baby.

That's why women can multi task.

She's ready for the adult life.

This is why nobody wants a job.

You got to push through.

Why can't little kids rather name things in the world?

Good thinking.

Oh yes, she can.

Kids tend to think about things we never even gave a thought to.

When Star Wars is life.

This can be true.

Nope, Barbie is a fierce women who rides on spaceships.

She doesn't like her invisible cloak anymore.

Everything will now be questioned.

Life goals!

Point taken, maths is unnecessary.

She knows what she wants.

Football is too hard for a adult to understand never mind a 5-year-old.

Yes, you can be whatever you want to be.

The moment you realise your baby girl is a queen and not a princess.

She knows their lying to her.

Sleep is life.

Star Wars lovers never get enough.

Women just has that sixth sense.

I wouldn't sleep at all.

Jealousy makes you nasty.

She spun that one around fast.

I think some people will take offense to this.

At least she got them all right.

Puddles should be stepped in at all times.

He got it right on the third try.

That's one hell of an exorcism.

If only she knew.

She has all the knowledge she needs.

Why do kids love dancing so much? Oh, because it makes you happy!

Maybe something like dancing karate?

The life of the party has arrived.

It was a succesful day.

Can I live with you?

It's just another name.

She's not wrong.

Yeah, who needs guys?

They like to scramble our brains around.

Manipulation is a key point in being a parent.

She's going to have a lot of competition.

If only it worked like that little one.

If they are wizards I want to meet them.

It's safe to say you need a second opinion, because you can't be existing out of bees.

Maybe, maybe not.

We all are sweety.

I hope she steals it back.

What has the world come to.

Help her before she breaks the windows!

It's possible.

This is romance level 100.

When they take things to literal.

You failed your mission, back to the drawing board.

Doing nothing is my middle name.

Ahh! Let her stay home.

This sounds like a creepy Hansel and Gretel tale.

She saves the world with that costume.

Damn, that's worse than getting friend zoned.

I like the way her tummy thinks.

You have a few more years to go.

I was there too.

And so they learn to become brave.

This one will make your head spin.

It's legit, stay at home and watch movies all day long.

They might not give it back.

It actually works?

Welcome to the Planet of the Toddlers.

So bad she lost her head?

All of us have days like this.

Band aids can soothe any sore.

Freaking brilliant idea!

Good going with the soft shoes thing.

Pants suck!

What a wise decision you made.

They can when they are trying to get up off the floor.

The first ever of it's species! Meet the Balleshark.

When will it be over?

It's all fun and games until they want to be horses.

Problem officially solved.

Great first sentence little one.

We are gonna go with not enough.

Said adults all over the world.

A Star Wars themed Cinderella.

Take the no and move one.

They secretly do, but they won't ever admit it.

Point taken. We will just wear robes from now on.

Update is noted in all math books.

If only adults could think like children again.

Crayons are expensive they need to be locked up.

Said loners all over the world.

Me every morning.

Taco's do strange things to a human.

Basically, yes.

Nobody can argue with that.

She already knows life sucks and being nice is not necessary.

If dreams could come true.

Can she be more inventive?

Valid point.

Jedi's never get married and I think she wants to be one.

Get her some cheese now!

Why do we even bother putting it in cupboards?

Like we are dying, old.

Very good reason.

They should, shouldn't they?

And you nailed it!

We are drinking with you.

Imagine the witch lifted it already.

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